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The different types of Lek Lai.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the different types of Lek Lai.

kee lek lai
Kee Lek Lai : Shit Lek Lai, This Lek Laï is relatively common, it has this nickname
because of its shape. It produce a clear sound if some samples are hitten one on the other,
and is used to produce invulnerability Nam Mön water.

mae lek lai
mother of lek lai.
Mae Lek Lai : Mother of Lek Lai, this Lek Lai is very rare and the only option
to obtain one is to go yourself in a Lek Lai cave and be lucky enought to find one.
Has to be kept in honey, can grow and even produce more Lek Lai.
(this power explain its name).
On first photo you can see the "mother of lek lai" i got from lek lai cave,
then on second photo (that i took a few years later) you can see the little Lek Lai
that appeared in the honey pot where i keep my "mother of lek lai"

Lek Lai gothipee.
Lek Lai Gothipee : Dark blue with petrol-type reflections, its drop shape often look like tectite samples. It is a rare mineral found only in deep sacred caves and certain cliffs.
Protect from malevolent entity and is sometime used in exorcism.

Lek Lai Joh Pha.
Lek Laï Joh-Pha (or Lek Lae Chao Pha) : Dark black, very beautiful,
is found naturaly as perfect round beads hidden among rocks in some sacred caves
This Lek Lai have a strong energy ,
it can neutralize poisons, extinguish fires, and drive away ghosts.


No picture of this Lek Lai.

Lek Lai Yoi (or Phaya Lek Lai) Its ore resembles an old, dessicated log and measures
about a foot; it is found in deep caves, its veins are very handsome and it can protect its guardian from all wounds. It flows from the rock from below to above during the ritual
and then takes on a metallic aspect. Not to be confused with botroidal hematite.


No picture of this Lek Lai.

Lek Lai Chi Phra Kaaw Resembles white snake skin, attracts prosperty, growth
and a long life. It also renders one invulnerable.

lek lai pleng
(collection Wat Thamfad)

Lek Lai Plerng : Looks like brick, brick red. People who haven't accumulated sufficent merits don't even have a chance of getting near such Lek Lai. It protects from all sort of danger.

No picture of this Lek Lai.

Lek Laï Nam : Resembles water drops, colored green or black, a bit opaque.
General protection.

Lek Lai Nam Rong.
Lek Lai Nam Rong It is exists in several forms and is often confused with Kod Lek Lai.
One create blessed Nam Mon water by placing it in rain or spring water. It may be used to create amulets by melting it at hight temperature, the materail obtained look like black glass and is called "Laïr" and is good for creating Nam Mön and invulnerability ,
nowaday the two Masters who are specialist in creating such amulets are
Most Venerable Luang Phor Oun and Most Venerable Luang Phor Ngoern.

alchemical glass lek lai geow
Sacred eggs of the Nagas, made of Lek Lai Geow alchemical glass.

lek mai suriyan racha
Lek Lai Suriyan Racha
- Clean any black magic spells.
- Heal depression & psychiatric problems.
- Increase magnetism & 3rd eye vision.
- Make one more compassionate & increase his merits.
This Lek Lai has to be fed honey at each full moon,
it was traditionnaly worn by Buddhist monks
to help them in their spiritual practice.

Lek Lai piak.
Lek Lai Piak : Silver and white color , it always has a damp feel.
It is of great value, protecting its wearer from all malevolent entities.

No picture of this Lek Lai.

Lek Lai Gaen Lek : Looks like a log made of iron and earth.
Those which resemble a rock are considered "female", its surface resemble a fossil !
Almost impossible to find, it imparts the energies of ascetics and a vital energy
such that one can the ruler of the nation where one lives.

Kod Lek Lai.
Kod Lek Lai : Natural Lek Lai. It can be found in its natural state without having to perform
ceremonies. It is among the most powerful Lek Lai and also one of the most sought after.
One ought regularly to nourish it with honey.

Lek lai.
Kod Lek Lai is sometime found having naturaly the shape of a phallic Palat Kick amulet.

7 colors lek lai.
7 colors Kod Lek Lai : This Lek Lai stand in between Kod Lek Lai and Rainbow Lek Lai,
the 7 colors Kod Lek Lai show reflections similar to soapy water when placed
under the sun light. This type of Lek Lai need to be fed honey and can grow in size.

Rainbow lek lai.
Rainbow lek lai.
Rainbow lek lai.
Lek Lai Lob (or rainbow Lek Lai) Resembles turtle shell, multicolored or black and white,
This Lek Lai radiates compassion and love and improve the temper of people who wear it.

Lek lai rung.
Lek Lai Rung (Also known as Rainbow Lek Lai) : This type of Lek Lai is obtained by Alchemical methods, it is often casted in molds to form various Buddha images.
Here a very nice Phra Kling made in Wat Puthai Sawan.
- Cancel black magic spells.
- Heals depression and psychiatric problems.
- Increases magnetism and the gifts of clairvoyance.
- Increases merits and makes compassionate.

death lek lai.

Lek Lai Mod Sa Phap (or Lek Lai TaiPhrai) Found in "nest form".
It is also called Death Lek Lai.Extremely hard and unbreakable,
it protects against venomous animals such as scorpions and snakes -
if they get near they go weak and cannot harm !

Lek Lai thorahod.
Lek Lai Thor-Ra-Hod Soft and black, it turns green when in contact with honey !
Much sought after in older times, for it grants one immunity from wounds.

minerai de "lek nam pee"
Lek Lai Lek Nam Pee : Magic blue steel, used among other things
to forge Meedh Moh sacred daggers
in order to harvest other varieties of Lek Lai. Capable of moving itself from one place to another by magic, or passing into another dimension. Renders its guardian invincible
and grants him long life. Fond of receiving offerings of honey, rain water and uncooked rice.

Lek lai lersi.
Lek Laï Lersi Alchemical alloy made by the Lersi Hermits,
capable of diminishing every negativity.

lek lai tha rad
Lek Lai Tha-Rad Originates from a place called the Red Mountain.
Serves as a healing stone and is traditionally worn as a pendant.
Protects against accidents.

lek lai Ngern Luang
Lek Lai Ngern Luang (Silver Lek Lai ) Of a rare beauty, white in color but not like silver.
Also called Lek Laï Lersi Tua-Mia (Female Lek Lai Lersi !).
Same magical properties as Lek Lai Lersi.

Lek Lai thong Phapai.
Lek Lai Thong-PhaPhai Resembles copper mixed with silver.
A very rare from of Lek Lai.

Lek Lai phong.
Lek Lai PhrengLek Lai powder, obtained when one mixes
and polishes other types of Lek Lai into amulets.


météorite gibéon
Ancient picture of the Gibbeon météorite.

gibbeon meteorite sample.
Sample of the Gibbeon meteorite.

Extra-terrestrial Lek Lai In Thailand meteorites are considered comparable to Lek Lai. Moldavite fetches there astronomical prices for its powers.

Lek koh larn.
Lek Koh Larn : Type of Kod Lek Lai, found only on the Koh Larn Island.

ptit moine

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