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Magical mineral of Thailand : The Lek Koh Larn

lek koh lan

A unique variety of Lek Lai is found on the isle Koh Larn (about 5 miles from Pattaya):
Lek Koh Larn. This kind of mineral is found on this island and nowhere else, and it is worn by all the islanders as a protective talisman and has never been commercialized on the mainland. This Lek Lai is considered as a valid alternative to Kod Lek Lai, but it is difficult to obtain
unless one goes to the island to search it out for oneself.

In this video one can see where a landslide made bits of Lek Koh Larn fall directly into the sea! The stone that are to be seen here are low quality Lek Koh Larn,
the good quality one being hard to find.

Documentary about the "power" of Lek Lai  

formation rocheuse étrange
One finds on the isle Koh Larn many bizarre rock formations.

koh larn island boat
One of ferries to Koh Larn

koh larn island temple
On the heights of the island there is a temple in which have been collected most beautiful Lek Koh Larn specimens.

magical stone thailand temple
A huge Lek Koh Larn specimen.

To see the Lek Koh Larn please click here

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