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Buddhist Relics.

Thai amulets of the Buddha Phra Kling.

See the Thai amulets of the Buddha Phra Kling in our online shop.

Thai amulet phra kling luang phor dooh.
The Phra Kling amulets (sometime called Phra Kring / Phra Gling)
are called such because of the little bell noise they produce when shaken.
In most cases, those amulets countain a tiny mobile sacred beads that produce this sound.

medicine buddha
Sangye Menla : The Tibetan medicine Buddha.

phra kling amulet base
Some Phra Kling amulets do not make a bell noise, because their base is filled
with a sacred substance that promote good health and longevity
like this powerfull Phra Kling amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Saen.

The majority of Phra Kling amulets are shaped as Sangye Menla Medecine Buddha,
but one can also sometime find Phra Kling amulets shaped like other Tibetan deity
such as Dölma, Chenrezi, Dzambhalla or Manjushri.

Also some other Phra Kling amulets can represent other Buddha
such as LP Sothorn, Lersi, or Hindu Deity such as Ganesh.

long life buddha amulet
A Phra Kling amulet that represent the Tibetan long life Buddha Amithayus.

alchemic buddha amulet.
Exceptionnal Phra Kling amulet made of Lek Lai Rung (Rainbow Lek Lai).

ganesh amulet phra kling
A beautiful Phra Pikanet Phra Kling amulet (Ganesh).

mermaid amulet from thailand.
A very unusual Mermaid Phra Kling amulet !

The tradition of the Phra Kling amulets seems to date back from 5th century in China
and is nowaday still produced in Thailand according to original rituals.

Even if the vast majority of Phra Kling are made of metal, there also exist terracota,
sacred powder and even sacred pollen Phra Kling amulets

Being mostly images of the Tibetan medecine Buddha and other long life deity, the Phra Kling
is an health amulet, but it can also be a wealth amulet (if it has the shape of Dzambhalla or Ganesh) and all of them are also said that it help the person who wear them to have a sharp mind, because some of those amulets are made so that they produce
a very beautiful and specific bell noise.

The insertion ceremony of the sacred beads insde the Phra Kling is very long and complex,
and tradition state that if it is not followed to the letter,
then the Phra Kling amulets will be almost effectless.

During this ceremony the bottom of the amulet is drilled, while the monks assembled do a long recitation, then the Master in charge of the blessing has to meditate and visualise 40 ritual sacred objects that
also have to be physically presents.

The Master have to obtain a clear Wasee vision of the 4 elements with corresponding colors,
he then have to make wishes so that those amulets are effective and bring blessings
to the ones who will wear them.

Phra kling amulet of luang phor sothorn.
An ancient Phra Kling amulet of the Buddha Luang Phor Sothorn.

Thai amulet phra kling dragon
A beautiful wealth Phra Kling amulet of a Buddha on top of a dragon.

phra kling luang phor hong dam
Phra Kling amulet of the Buddha Luang Phor Hong Dam.

Phra Kling amulet of luang phor thuat.
A Phra Kling amulet of the Most Venerable Luang Phor Thuat.

phra kling amulet wat suthat
This Phra Kling amulet was issued in 2004 during a special gathering of 2000 Buddhist Masters in Wat Suthat (Bangkok). It was at the time blessed in order to protect
the person wearing them against the SARS disease.

phra kling luang phor kallong
The very famous Phra Kling Kiew Geow of Most Venerable Luang Phor Kallong.

Thai amulets of the Phra Kling Buddha in our online shop.

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