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Tibet & Himalaya.

Tibetan Buddhist Masters biography & their Amulets. Tibetan amulets. Meditation items. Tibetan Malas. Antique & Mislaneous. Ritual objects & weapons Tibetan Prayer wheels Rudraksha :
Sacred seeds of Shiva.
Quartz crystal : ritual objects & jewelry. Dzi & Magic Eyes. Tibetan Turquoises. Buddhist statues. Stupas & Lockets. Thangkas. Yogi Pemba Dorje. Texts & articles.

Thaïland & Cambodia.

Introduction to
Thaï amulets.
Thai Masters biography
& their Amulets.
Thai amulets by Types. Health Amulets. Love Amulets. Wealth Amulets. Natural Amulets.Animal Amulets. Hinduist amulets. Cambodian amulets. Ritual daggers. Magic & Alchemy. Pa Yant
(Thai Pentacles on cloth).
Sorcery & Black Magic. Naga Eye's crystal. Various items. Charity sale of
Venerable Ajarn Sane.

How to order ?
Buddhist Relics.

How to order on Magiedubouddha.com ?

UPDATE 2018 : Magiedubouddha.com now have a multi-language online shop
(but please note that it is a work in progress, so only part of the whole catalogue is on it).

To order, please send me an Email , telling me exactly what you want to purchase.
Please join to your Email a copy of the pictures of the items you want.

Because i simply cant help you if what i receive is something like
"Hello, i want the golden Thangka, a Dordje and the pretty blue amulet"
(there are about 10.000 different items on my website you know...)

Questions are welcome and i will do my best to clarify things for you.

I will reply to you fast, giving you a total including shipping & insurance.

How to pay :

International customers can pay by Paypal only.
(7% Paypal fee's is to be added to your total objects + shipping & insurance).

Be sure that i will ship your items as soon as i receive the payment.

La Magie du Bouddha is based in France, but i am used to ship items worldwide
and already have regular customers in many different country in the world.

Our postal adress is :

La Magie du Bouddha
Les Landes de St Laurent
56480 Silfiac

Email : info@magiedubouddha.com

La Magie du Bouddha, micro-entreprise N° siret : 43907644900016.

Franchise de TVA (code 293B du code des impôts)
  La franchise permet de facturer HT et ainsi de faire bénéficier mes clients
d'un avantage de 19,6% sur les prix.

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