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Buddhist Relics
Lek Nam Pee / Lek Namphi : Thai Magic blue Steel.

petit moine
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Until recently, Lek Nam Pee was set aside strictly and only for the production of weapons
for the personal use of the King of Thailand. No one else had the right to own this substance. This metal was discovered in the course of the 19th Century in the village of Nampee,
in the Uttaradit region. Many stories are told recounting how its discoverers gradually became aware of very strange powers after forging the simplest cooking utensils from this "blue steel." Here is one such tale that was told to me :
Working his field, one day a peasant ran into reddish stones, very heavy, so heavy that his plow was brought to a dead halt! Digging one out, taking a good look at it, he discovered
that it was a mineral specimen composed of a very pure iron !
The good man was delighted with his find, for at this time iron was still rare and costly !

lek namphi extraction site
Lek Nampee extraction place.

He then commisioned the village blacksmith to create a great meat chopper for his kitchen. Despite several odd obstacles during the forging, the blacksmith was finally able to produce and sell to his client a large cleaver, yet, the metal turned out blue !

lek namphi ore
In the collection of a Temple in Ayuthaya, a raw mineral specimen of Lek Nam Pee.

magic thai iron
Another Lek Nam Pee raw specimen
(Webmaster's collection)

lek namphi sample big
Big Lek Nam Pee sample offered for sale on an amulet market,
price is 120000 baht (3000 €!!!)

The peasant accepted this curious cooking tool, and even made it his favorite, since it was sharp, it never lost its sharp cutting edge, and it never rusted!
A little while later, one of this good man's buffalos suddenly refused to work, and would not budge one inch, despite blows and stern commands. Finally he lightly tapped the buffalo with his new cleaver and was stupified! With that one light blow, he cut the animal cleanly in half!
Understanding finally that this was no ordinary cutter, but an object of properties unprecidented, he decided that he and his brother would present it as an offering to the King. But the king refused the peasant's gift, not appreciating that this homely cooking knife was really a weapon of fearsome power; he even thought the peasant slightly deranged, to offer him such a lowly gift! He then had the two brothers thrown of out of court without a tought of
what troubles they had taken. While the guards were forcibly ejecting the peasant from the court, he struck a great rock with his strange cutter. The king saw that the rock had been cut in two, and there was even a deep wound in the earth where it stood. The king changed his mind.

lek namphi daggers
Inside a Temple of Buriram, a collection of great Lek Nam Pee ritual daggers.

épée géante en lek nam pee
Giant Lek Nam Pee Sword weighting over 600kg,
present of the Utharadit Blacksmiths to the Queen of Thailand.

The king thereupon dispatched his guards to go after the peasant, to apologize and bring him back, him and his strange knife. When the guards finally caught up with the good man, he didn't want to hear about it, not a thing - he was not at all amused at having been tossed out of court
after a laborious journey carrying a gift of great value. After a stormy confrontation, he took out his strange knife and killed all the guards who had come to take him back! Then he slumped under a tree and fell asleep!
Seeing that his guards weren't coming home, the king to go out and find him himself, which he did, for the good man had dragged his knife along the ground while leaving the killing scene, creating a huge trench easily followed! This trench still exists, and is pointed out by worthy people even now in our day!

Venerable LP Udhom
The Most Venerable LP Udhom,
one of the last Masters still knowing how to work Lek Nam Pee into Meedh Moh daggers.

wat namphi
Inside the temple at Wat Namphi, the temple near the extraction places for Lek Nam Pee.
This is the temple where most of the Lek Nam Pee amulets are made and blessed.

Lek Nam Pee blades are known to be capable of cutting through an ordinary blade,
they never rust, and they are even able to wound people having the Sak-yant invincibility tatoo. Indeed a wound received from one of these blades is know never to heal and lead
to the victim's death, whatever the care he receives - such is what this metal can do !

lek namphi amulets
Lek Namphi amulets are made of a mix of clay and Lek Namphi ore powder.
They are magnetic and would stick to a magnet because they countain
a very high percentage of iron.

poudre de "Lek Nam Pee"
Lek Nam Pee Powder Bag
(from the webmaster's private collection)

lek nam pee powder
Lek Nam Pee powder is still handmade

Lek Nam Pee is used in the creation of amulets and painted spheres, made from mixing Lek Nam Pee powder and clay. These spheres and amulets are definitely magnetic
(they contain a great deal of iron, which entails their magnetism). They lend their wearer partial invulnerability and strongly enhance his personal charisma.

bouddha en lek nam pee
A rare statue made of powdered Lek Nam Pee.

lek namphi bor phra khan
Myself fishing for Lek Namphi ore at Bor Phra Khan (Utharadit)

royal forges uttaradit
All the sacred Lek Namphi blades offered on come straight
from the Royal forges at Uttaradit. You can see me there holding a huge Lek Namphi sword !

Ajarn Khunpan showing his Lek Namphi sword.

petit moine
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