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Tibet & Himalaya.

Tibetan Buddhist Masters biography & their Amulets. Tibetan amulets. Meditation items. Tibetan Malas. Antique & Mislaneous. Ritual objects & weapons. Tibetan Prayer wheels. Quartz crystal : ritual objects & jewelry. Dzi & Magic Eyes. Tibetan Turquoises. Buddhist statues. Stupas & Lockets. Thangkas. Yogi Pemba Dorje. Texts & articles.

Thaïland & Cambodia.

Introduction to
Thaï amulets.
Thai Masters biography
& their Amulets.
Thai amulets by Types. Health Amulets. Love Amulets. Wealth Amulets. Natural Amulets.Animal Amulets. Hinduist amulets. Cambodian amulets. Ritual daggers. Magic & Alchemy. Buddhist Pentacles. Sorcery & Black Magic. Naga Eye's crystal. Various items. Charity sale of
Venerable Ajarn Sane.

How to order ?
Buddhist Relics.
Magical and Alchemical objects from Thaïland.

magical rings of thailand and tibet
Magical rings of Power.

invulnerability bracelets
Bracelets of Invulnerability.

lek nam pee
Lek Nam Pee items.

buddhist blessed water
Nam Mön blessed water.

nam man suat panyak
Sutra Atanatiya ritual
(Exorcism oil Nam Man Suat Panyak)

substances to bless houses
Blessing objects & substances.

alchemical metals
Alchemic amulets.

lohid rings
Lohid alchemical rings and amulets.

lek lai
Lek Lai.

lek koh larn
Lek Koh Larn.
quicksilver amulets
Solid Alchemic Quicksilver amulets.

magical creams
Kee-Phrung sacred creams.

car magical protections
Magic protection for cars.

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