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Tibet & Himalaya.

Tibetan Buddhist Masters biography & their Amulets. Tibetan amulets. Meditation items. Tibetan Malas. Antique & Mislaneous. Ritual objects & weapons. Tibetan Prayer wheels. Quartz crystal : ritual objects & jewelry. Dzi & Magic Eyes. Tibetan Turquoises. Buddhist statues. Stupas & Lockets. Thangkas. Yogi Pemba Dorje. Texts & articles.

Thaïland & Cambodia.

Introduction to
Thaï amulets.
Thai Masters biography
& their Amulets.
Thai amulets by Types. Health Amulets. Love Amulets. Wealth Amulets. Natural Amulets.Animal Amulets. Hinduist amulets. Cambodian amulets. Ritual daggers. Magic & Alchemy. Buddhist Pentacles. Sorcery & Black Magic. Naga Eye's crystal. Various items. Charity sale of
Venerable Ajarn Sane.

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Buddhist Relics.
Natural amulets

Many natural substances are considered "magical" in Thailand
and are therefore used to make amulets that are more or less sought after
depending on the degree of rarity and "potency" of the substances that compose them.

In this case it is not the person who makes the amulet that gives him his "power"
but the stone, the animal, or the vegetable that composes it.

magic animal parts amulet
Animal parts amulets.

sacred wood amulet
Sacred wood & plants amulets.

sacred stone amulet
Sacred stone amulets.

makaliporn fruit
Makaliporn sacred fruits.

Les Rudraksha

hin ruang sen stone
Hin Ruang Sen stone.

alchemical glass
Alchemical glass.

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