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Buddhist Relics.

Phra Mae Thorani (and Mae Phosop).

See the fertility Thai amulets of Mae Thorani and Mae Phosop.

statues of mae thorani earth goddess
Mae Thorani (sometime written Phra Toranee or Jao Mae Torani)
is the earth goddess, and is mentionned in the scriptures relating the life of the Buddha.

mae thorani the buddha and mara
When the Buddha started his final meditation under the Boddhi tree, the demon Mara came
with his army of monsters and asked the Buddha what right he had to sit at this place ?

The Buddha then simply touched the earth and Phra Mae Thorani appeared and by twisting
her hairs made an extremely large quantity of water appear (this water symbolise the merits accumulated by the Buddha), and this water drowned the demon's army.
The Buddha was then free to continue with his meditation.

Another way to see this story is that when into deep troubles,
the UNIQUE God that the Buddha called for help was the earth Goddess, and that
she is so powerful that she just need to dry her hairs to kill an army of demons...
so better not to make her angry...

From this story it is clear that the UNIQUE deity a Buddhist can pray to is Mae Thorani
(after all the Buddha himself asked her for help).

fountain of mae thorani
One of the most famous Phra Mae Thorani fountain in Bangkok.
The female devotee sometime collect the sacred water there when trying to get pregnant.

mae thorani holy fountain
Your webmaster getting Holy water from the sacred fountain of Mae Thorani
in the Tham Sen Peth Cave (Amnat Charoen) where Most Venerable Ajarn Chah
lived for many years.

mae thorani fountain at wat luang phor suppah.
A fountain of Mae Thorani at the temple of Most Venerable Luang Phor Suppah.

statue at phnom phen airport
A nice bronze statue of Mae Thorani at Phnom Phen airport (Cambodia).

old cave carving mae thorani
An old cave carving of Mae Thorani.

street altar of mae thorani 
A street altar of Mae Thorani in Bangkok.

mae thorani at luang phor foo temple
Altar of Mae Thorani at Venerable Luang Phor Foo temple.

mae thoranee amulet by luang phor pern.
This golden Look Aum amulet of Mae Thoranee from Wat Bang Phra is very famous in Thailand,
many lady who want to have child try to get it as it is very efficient.

Mae Thorani is allway pictured as a pretty young lady, that twist her long hairs to dry them,
the water going out symbolising life. This Goddess is widely respected in all south east asia
and also in China. She is the Goddess of earth and fertility and is often prayed to by farmers
and lady who want to get pregnant !

Mae Phosop (fertility goddess).

Mae phosop statue.

goddess mae phosop
The Goddess Mae Phosop is the Goddess of rice and harvest, it is pictured
as a pretty young lady that hold some rice plant with her right harm
and sometime a money bag in her left hand.

Mae Phosop amulet.

thailand lakshmi

Hindu style mae phosop.
This Goddess images and statues are not seen very often in cities,
but still immensely respected in the countryside where rice is simply vital

On this image we can see a strong Indian influence, wich is normal as Mae Posop
is in fact the Thai aspect of the Hindu Goddess of wealth Lakshmi.
Another aspect of Lakshmi can be found in Thailand : the wealth Goddess Mae Nang Kwak.


See the fertility amulets of Mae Thorani and Mae Phosop
in our online shop.

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