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Buddhist Relics.

Thai wealth goddess Mae Nang Kwak.

See the Thai amulets of Mae Nang Kwak.

mae nang kwak goddess
The Goddess Mae Nang Kwak is seen very often seen in Thailand, it is the Goddess of wealth and a statue of her is seen in most shops (and even in banks !), in her traditionnal posture
with one or two harms raised to "call the customers".

Very often, but not alway, Mae Nang Kwak is seen holding a bag of money
or sit on a pile of banknotes and ingots.

Mae Nang Kwak is in fact an aspect of Mae Posop (goddess of harvest & abundance),
who is herself the Thai version of the Hindu wealth Goddess Lakshmi.

statue of mae nang kwak
A statue of Mae Nang Kwak made of...old crushed banknotes.

Mae nang kwak thai amulet of mae nang kwak.
One of the most powerful and rare amulet of Mae Nang Kwak :
The Mae Nang Kwak Palat Kick of Most Venerable Luang Phor Suwang.

sacred thai cloth pa yant of mae nang kwak
The wealth Goddess Mae Nang Kwak on a Buddhist pentacle Pa-Yant
from Wat Klang Bang Phra (temple of Most Venerable Luang Phor Puth).

luang phor kui
Most Venerable Luang Phor Kui was almost alway pictured doing the Mae Nang Kwak gesture.

two hands raised mae nang kwak
One can see some Mae Nang Kwak with their right hand raised, or their left hand raised
and even sometime with both hands raised !

The meaning of those variations is :

- Right hand raised : To help attracting customers to a "good" business (shop, restaurant...).
- Left hand raised : To help attract customers to a "bad" business (casino, brothel...).
- Both hand raised : Attract customers to any type of business + is used to attract lovers.

pig mae nang kwak
Sometime, Mae Nang Kwak can be represented as a pig, who is also a symbol of wealth.

bank mae nang kwak.
Mae Nang Kwak is also now the symbol for some contactless bank payment in Thailand.

pig amulet mae nang kwak
Here we see a rare old pig amulet, doing the typical Mae Nang Kwak gesture.

wealth buddha luang phor lamyai
Also sometime other deity (here a Phra Sanghajai wealth Buddha)
can be seen doing the same gesture.

ligne gif

The wealth fetching cat Maneki Neko.

giant maneki neko
Another wealth attracting talisman often seen in shops in Asia is the Manneki Neko cat,
that has the exact same posture as Mae Nang Kwak.

In Thailand, even banks use the Maneki Neko in the publicity.

See the Thai amulets of Mae Nang Kwak in our online shop.

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