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Tibet & Himalaya.

Tibetan Buddhist Masters biography & their Amulets. Tibetan amulets. Meditation items. Tibetan Malas. Antique & Mislaneous. Ritual objects & weapons Tibetan Prayer wheels Rudraksha :
Sacred seeds of Shiva.
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Thaïland & Cambodia.

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Thaï amulets.
Thai Masters biography
& their Amulets.
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Buddhist Relics.

Sacred beads Thai amulets : Look Aum, Look Sakot, Look Geow.

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collection of thai beads amulets

There exist many different types of sacred beads amulets in the Buddhist tradition,
here are some of the main types you will find in Thailand.

Look Aum Thai amulets.

look aum amulets by luang phor tim
In some large baskets, some Look Aum sacred beads
by Most Venerable Luang Phor Tim are drying in the sun.

thai sacred beads making
A disciple of Venerable Phra Ajarn Wicha is handmaking some sacred meditation beads
that will be given to devotee for the 115 th birthday of Most Venerable Luang Phor Suppah.

look aum amulet by luang phor kui
An old style Look Aum Thai amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Kui.

look aum samadhi amulet of luang phor thong poon
A Look Aum Samadhi Thai amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Thongpoon,
made from a bead from one of his rosary.

- Look Aum : Made originaly from chewed betel leaves, one can nowaday find
Look Aum made of a huge variety of precious and rare materials.
Very few old Masters still make them from ordinary betel.

Also in the past, it happened that some Venerable would give as amulets some beads
from their rosary, but nowaday this is getting extremely rare.

The name Look Aum can be also be translated as "candy"
as it litteraly mean "round thing that go in the mouth".

Such beads are considered both as relics and protective amulets.

Look Geow Thai amulets (glass and stone beads).

glass beads amulets by luang phor sao
A bowl full of Look Geow amulets by Venerable Luang Phor Sao.

Wat thasung thai amulets.
Some Look Geow amulets at Wat Thasung.
(Thanks Paola for this picture)

Here we can see that even at a very famous temple (Most Venerable LP Lersi Lingdam temple)
both some ordinary kid playing beads and some precious crystal beads have been blessed.

meditation sacred beads by luang phor dooh
Look Geow Samadhi meditation beads by Most Venerable Luang Phor Dooh.

Look Geow Thai amulet.
Another ordinary glass bead blessed by Vénérable Luang Phor Dam Djanut Saro
of Wat Naparam Mae.

buddha and meditation crystals

- Look Geow amulets : Blessed glass beads (or sometime stone beads).
They can both be ordinary children play beads, or precious glass and crystal beads
custom made by temples.
Such beads are amulets and in some case meditation tools
(they are then called Look Geow Samadhi)
so holding them can help to have a correct meditation posture
or help meditation and visualisation.

Look Geow Sarapat Nuk Thai amulets
(Wish fulfilling beads).

Look geow sarapat nuk thai amulet.
A Look Geow Sarapat Nuk amulet.
(Magiedubouddha.com collection)

look geow sarapat nuk by ajarn sakorn
A Look Geow Sarapat Nuk amulet by Venerable Ajarn Sakorn.
(This amulet is made of an hematite bead)

Thai wish fullfilling bead of luang phor saur kantiko.
Wish fulfilling bead amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Saur Kantiko.

Another type of bead amulets is the Look Geow Sarapat Nuk, also called a Wish Fulfilling bead.
Such amulets can be made of glass or various stone.

Such amulets are said to grant wishes to the one who wear them and attract what he desire, so...please be careful what you wish for as you might well get it.

cintramani bead amulet
Another type of Wish Fulfilling amulet :
The Cintramani amulets by Most Venerable Luang Phor Djua.

Please note that ANY Cintramani made amulet is called a "Wish Fulfilling Jewel",
be it shaped as a bead or not (there exist some Buddha shaped Cintramani amulets,
and even some amazing full rosary made of Cintramani !)

Sacred Look Nimit Thai amulets.

look nimit amulet sacred bead
A Look Nimit amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Koon.

- Look Nimit : An ancient type of bead amulet made of sacred wax and gold leaf.
In the old times, often monks had no access to any special ingredients to make amulets,
so they used leftover wax from offering candles and some gold leaf offering fallen
from the Buddha statues, and used it to make some small beads
to give as protection to devotee.

The same word "Look Nimit" is also used to describe the big stone balls
that are buried around temple grounds as blessing and protection.

Thai temple look nimit stone balls
Some Look Nimit in a temple in Ayuthaya.

look nimit thai temple
The Look Nimit stone balls are often left outside for a period of time
(a few weeks or more) so that devotee can paste gold leaf on them to gain merits.

Look nimit stone balls
Some big Look Nimit covered with gold leaf in Most Venerable Luang Phor Suppah temple.

offering box in thai temple
A Look Nimit shaped offering box in Wat Rat Sanoon.

wat luang phor ophassi
An antique Look Nimit stone ball kept as a relic in Wat Luang Phor Ophassi.

Sacred alchemical beads that protect from black magic :
Look Sakot (also called Spell beads).

Look sakot thai amulet.

A Look Sakot (spell bead) made of Mekkapat alchemical metal.

temple bells metal sacred bead thailand amulet.
A Look Sakot made from the metal of the old temples bell of Wat Si Chum.

thai magic bead look sakot
A nice old bronze Look Sakot amulet decorated with Yant,
by Most Venerable Luang Phor Ket of Wat Koh Lak.

look sakot ah phra hong thai amulet.
An unusal Look Sakot Ah Phra Hong amulet, made of the wood of a tamarin tree
killed by lightning. Blessed by Venerable Luang Phor Dee.

10000 yant look aum from wat raiking
The extraordinary 10.000 yant Look Aum amulet of Wat Raiking.

- Look Sakot : A bead amulet, made of various type of metal (alchemical or not)
and other materials ,designed to protect its wearer against black magic and spells.

Such beads are believed to be "alive" and to feed from the magic that attack their wearer.
With time they can change color and sometime physically grow, getting bigger and heavyer,
so one has to get lockets that can accomodate their growth.

Contrary to any other form of magical protection,
this one get STRONGER as you get more magical attacks.

Beads amulets shaped as various deity and animals.

luang phor pern tiger amulet
A Tiger shaped Thai amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Pern.

mae thorani amulet by luang phor pern
A Mae Thorani (goddess of the earth) bead amulet
blessed by Most Venerable Luang Phor Pern.

look aum amulet of phra sanghajai
A bead shaped Phra Sanghajai (wealth Buddha) Thai amulet.

look sakot hong thai amulet.
A beautifull bead shaped amulet decorated with Hong birds,
blessed by Most Venerable Luang Phor Hong.

hanuman sacred bead
Monkey god Hanuman sacred bead by Most Venerable Luang Phor Pern.

sacred beads buddhist blessing
A lovely tradition of Thailand : Some devotee sometime hide beads in the hand or in the bowl
of some statues and leave them there for some time (it can be a few days or up to a few month) and later come back to get them, hoping that the beads will have charged
with the merits and prayers of the monks.
On this photo you can see 3 white jade beads, hidden in the hand of a statue of Mae Guan Yin.

sacred temple beads
Some temples also place beads and amulets near relics to "charge" them,
here we can see some Look Geow, placed inside the Chedi at Wat Phra Tat Nong Bua
to receive the positive energy of the Buddha's relics that are kept there.

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