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Lohid alchemical metal : sacred rings and amulets.

little thai monk
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A rare and precious Alchemic metal named Lohid exists and was produced
by some Venerable Thai monks until the beginning of the 20 th century,

unfortunately, the secret of its making is sadly lost.

venerable luang phor see of wat sakai

Most Venerable LP See of Wat SaKai (deceased in 1929) was the very last Master to know how to make the Alchemic alloy Lohid , the manufacturing secret of this metal died with him.

Wearing a Lohid amulet or ring allows the formation of
a protective Aura around the body (this is actually the natural Aura, which is strongly reinforced by the Lohid ). To do this the Lohid talisman gather first some
of the energy of the body of its wearer, so do not be surprised to feel a slight fatigue
and have a good appetite if you wear such an alchemical talisman.

It is a powerful protection both at the physical level (accidents)
only at the esoteric level (against black magic and evil entities)
It is also a very good ring to help practice meditation
and the development of Siddhi (supernatural powers) .

lohid rings
Comparison between a Lohid ring that has not been worn for a long time (left side)
and a fully charged ring (right side).

lohid rings
Another comparison between a Lohid ring that has not been worn for a long time (left side)
and a fully charged ring (right side).

Once fully charged, the Lohid becomes shiny like gold,
it is to my knowledge the only metal in the world to oxidize only if you do not wear it
and to quickly become brilliant when put in contact with a human body.

According to the purity / quality of the alloy and according to various parameters
(such as: energy of the wearer, acidity of his skin, objects and substances handled ...)
it may happen that a Lohid ring does not take on a golden but coppery hue or even become silver color, or to see it go dark and stain the skin of the finger.

I could also see another "impossible" ability of Lohid rings:
they are able to change size !

The collector who supplied me with Lohid rings in the early 2000s
always sold me rings of 22 mm,
but a few years ago, a client contacted me to tell me that he had received his Lohid ring
and that it is too big and was 24 mm ...

I answer him that it is impossible, but stil check at home and re-measure the 2 rings
which I had in stock : they were also 24 mm !!

So the rings took 2 mm in diameter for no apparent reason ...

Do not ask me to explain this phenomenon, I am unable to.

luang phor see lohid ring

Lohid Alchemic Ring by LP See (Esoteric Buddhism Collection ,
the color change of the ring over 15 days in pictures
and the bearer's testimony are on this page)
It is VERY rare that the Yant of these rings are so well preserved after nearly a 100 years !

gold color lohid ring
Pure lohid ring completely charged and having taken a beautiful golden hue.

human face on lohid ring
A friendly customer of Magiedubouddha.com sent me this extraordinary picture of his Lohid ring, where a human face clearly appeared !

rare type of lohid ring
A very unusual pure Lohid ring, smaller and thicker than normal,
that also has a silver color instead of a gold color !

lohid ring luang phor see wat sakai
Very rare type of Lohid Ring by Most Venerable LP See,
with some type of added "relic bead" inside !

authentic lohid ring
Another rare type of Lohid Ring by Venerable Luang Phor See.
A secret compartment can be seen on the left side (it has a sealed round top).

antique lohid ring
One of a kind : Giant pure Lohid ring (inside diameter is almost 27 mm !)
custom made for a Sampao boat captain in the 1850's. This "Ring" was kept most of the time on his canne, but sometime placed at the wheel of the boat and even sometime
in a special location on top of the mast as a protection during storms !

Amulets and rings in pure Lohid are now extremely rare, expensive and sought after.

ingot of lohid alchemical metal

Sometimes I can also offer rings containing a small part of Lohid ,
most often made in the 70's by followers of Venerable LP See lineage.

from ingots of amulet casting remains that Wat SaKaï still kept at the time.

These rings are composed of silver, or bronze, with a small share of Lohid ,
and according to my customers they present similar effects and color changes
to rings made of pure Lohid .

Silver / Lohid alloy ring of a customer after only a few hours on his finger !

little thai monk
See the selection of pure Lohid rings available in our online shop.

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