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Buddhist Relics
The Phra Somdej amulets, "King of all Thai amulets".


To see the Phra Somdej amulets on offer in our online shop please click here.

old phra somdej amulet
The Phra Somdej (Phra Somdet) amulets have been first made by Most Venerable Somdej
Phra Putthajarn (Ajarn Toe Prommarangsi) that lived rom 1788 to 1872 and was the Abbot
of Wat Rakhang (Wat Rakhangkhositaram) in Bangkok.

This amulet is the "King of amulets", any Thai amulets collector has to have at least one
(but often many more), and if someone have only ONE amulet,
more often than not it will be a Phra Somdej.
Contrary to other types of amulets, the Phra Somdej does not have ONE "power"
but it has them all, so it can protect its wearer, make him lucky, charming, rich & so on...

phra somdej collection
There are many variations and type of Phra Somdej amulets,
here is a little selection from my personnal collection.

luang phor toh wat rakhang
Picture of Venerable Luang Phor Toh (taken in 1867).

luang phor toh wat rakhang
Another image of Somdej Phra Putthajarn Toh.

portrait of luang phor toh of wat rakhang
Another version of the same picture.

ancient medal of luang phor toh
Ancient medal of Luang Phor Toh.

The official temple shop at Wat Rakhang (in the early 2000's).

Short visit of Wat Rakhang in 2018.  

phra somdej wat rakhang
Original Phra Somdej amulets blessed by Somdej Phra Putthajarn Toh are the "Holy Grail"
of amulets collector, so you will often hear about them, but you will almost never see one.

Millions of fake "certified original Phra Somdej by LP Toh" are on the market
often offered alongside a (fake) certificate of authenticity.

A genuine Phra Somdej by LP Toh cost several millions of Euro,
so please use your brain and dont go buy one for a few hundreds on Eb*y...

certified old phra somdej of wat rakhang
From time to time, the Wat Rakhang offer certified old Phra Somdej
(they can be a 100 years old or more), like this beautifull set where an old Phra Somdej
is offered with a Look Nimit sacred bead and a gold color portrait amulet of LP Toh

fake phra somdej amulets
On an amulet market, a stand selling hundreds of fake Phra Somdej amulets.
Such amulets sold for 20 baht (0,5 euro) are made by the 1000's
and artificially made to look old.

An exceptionnal Phra Somdej amulet.

phra somdej gaisser of wat arun

Rare Phra Somdej Gaïsser Roon Toon Ghow Tawai Lachit Nee (Pim Jumbo) amulet,
blessed in 1986 in Wat Arun (Bangkok) during a special ceremony where 99
of the most famous Masters of the time were together.

Amongst the Masters present this day were :

- Most Vénérable LP Pern.
- Most Vénérable LP Koon.
- Most Vénérable LP Kassem.
- Most Vénérable LP Pair.

- Most Vénérable LP Luang.
- Vénérable LP Pan.
- Most Vénérable LP Budh
- Most Vénérable LP Mee.
- Most Vénérable LP Jarun.
- Most Vénérable LP Puth.
- Most Vénérable LP Uthama.
- Most Vénérable LP Waen.
- Maître Paya Sami (venu spécialement de Birmanie)

Many amongst those Masters were considered as Arahant,
and were known to have mystical powers.

thai amulet ingredients
Amongst the sacred ingredients used to make this amulet, one can find :

- Soil from the place where the Buddha was born (Lumbini, Nepal)

- Soil from the place where the Buddha got enlightment ( Bodh Gaya, India) .

- Leaves from the tree under wich the Buddha meditated.

- Soil from the place where the Buddha passed away (Kushinagar).

- Powder of ancient amulets Phra Somdej of LP Toh and Phra Somdej Keishayo.

- Powder from antique tiles from Wat Indrawiharn.

Powder of amulets of Wat Paknam (batch 1, 4 and 6).

- Relics of various Buddha disciples (Ananda, Mogdalyana, Rahual and others).

- Moss collected on various famous Chedi countaining relics of the Buddha.

- Several hundred sacred powders offered by over 100 different temples.

- A secret mix of 108 sacred plants and flowers.

- Some Cintramani sacred beads (wish fullfiling jewel).

- Some bits of an antique Buddha statue old of 1500 years.

- A Sacred powder offered by a Lersi ermit.

- Powder of an antique slate covered with Yant.

- And several 100 other sacred ingredients offered by various Venerables.

The collecting of those ingredients and relics took over 25 years.
(there was in total over 200 different sacred ingredients),
and the consecration ceremonies were performed over a 3 years period.

Since it was issued in 1986, many miraculous story speak about this amulet
and it is one of the more thought after amulet in modern times.

The "official" batch of this amulet exist in two sizes (Namely Pim Tamada & Pim Jumbo)
and both have at the back a little gold color medal with a map of Thailand.

But there exist also some "un-official" batches, made later by the monks of Wat Arun
from left-over materials of the original batch in the late 1980's and also later in the 1990's.
Some of those amulets even have been molded with the original molds, but none of those "un-official" batches has the gold color medal at the back (instead they can have some takut in various places, or some yant and mineral relics).
They are still made of the same sacred materials (some time mixed with others in the later batches as original materials were running out), and blessed by the same Masters.

Such "un-official" Phra Somdej Wat Arun amulets are of course much less costly than
the original batch (wich is virtualy impossible to find and has prohibitive price tags)
and i can still sometime offer some (like here, here and here).

phra somdej kaisser wat arun
A beautiful example of "un-official" Phra Somdej Kaisser blessed in Wat Arun
in the late 1980's from original ingredients.

Please note that this particular batch has 3 Takut on its lower part,
that were not present on the "official" batch of Phra Somdej Kaisser

venerable luang phor pae of wat pikulthong
phra somdej luang phor pae wat pikulthong
The most stunningly beautiful multicolor Phra Somdej amulets ever made
were blessed by Venerable Luang Phor Pae (1905-1999) of Wat Pikulthong.

The early batches of those amulets are nowaday impossible to get
and have prohitive prices, but i can from time to time offer some of the late batches
at reasonable prices on my online shop.

luang phor daeng
phra somdej luang phor daeng
Another very famous Phra Somdej amulet is the Phra Somdej blessed
by Most Venerable LP Daeng (1878-1973) of Wat Khao Bandai It.

This amulet exist in 3 colors : Red, Yellow and Black
(mixed colors amulets do exist, like half red / Half black, but they are rare).
The original amulets blessed by LP Daeng are nowaday impossible to get, but his temple still issue some Phra Somdej following his rituals and those can still be found at fairly low prices.

phra somdej amulet
Modern 12 levels Phra Somdej amulet.

Tradition has it that the more "levels" (steps under the Buddha throne), the more powerful
the Pha Somdej amulet is. Minimum number is 3, but as far as i know maximum number is 24 !

alchemical phra somdej amulet
A very beautiful Phra Somdej amulet made of Rainbow Lek Lai.

phra somdej of luang phor sawai
A superb rainbow Phra Somdej by Most Venerable Luang Phor Sawai of Wat Pidharam.

phra somdej amulet with sarira relics
Extrordinary old Phra Somdej amulet, with many Sarira relic-beads on its surface !

phra somdej of wat bang phra
A very nice Phra Somdej Gao Charn (9 tiers Phra Somdej)
blessed in 2013 in Most Venerable Lp Pern temple (Wat Bang Phra).

Thai amulets making machine
This is what an amulet making machine look like (with Phra Somdej mold in it).

To see the Phra Somdej amulets on offer in our online shop please click here.

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