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How to order ?
Buddhist Relics.

Tibetan amulets Yantra (chakra / sungkhor).

You will find on Magiedubouddha.com the widest selection of Tibetan amulets :
Yantra, Chakra, Sungkhor ...

The Yantra (sometimes called Chakra and Sungkhor) are powerful protections made
by the Tibetan Lama . They are composed of a prayer drawn on a paper that is folded, surrounded by colored threads following a very elaborate sacred design .
Everything is then blessed
and they sometimes add an image
of the deity or the Master who made the consecration .

It is relatively rare to be able to obtain this type of amulets .

If we have received the appropriate initiation we can increase the power of these Yantra
by reciting
the corresponding Mantra,
but above all please never recite Mantra " found on the internet "

without having received the initiation of a qualified Master ,
it will be at best a lack of respect and a waste of time !

tibetan nun and amulets
Our yantra amulets come DIRECTLY from Tibetan monasteries and we often receive the blessing of famous Great Lama (such as Chatral Rinpoche or His Holiness Sakya Trizin) .

lama and amulets
Our Yantra are truly obtained from the Lama who made and dedicated them.

Unlike other websites that offer Yantra at very low prices like 2 or 3 euro
(bought in bulk in tourist shops in Kathmandu and absolutely no effect because
made in sweatshop employing children
and of course not blessed).

yogi pemba dorje
My assertions about these amulets are verifiable and documented, in this photo
for example, I receive amulets directly from the hands of the Venerable Yogi Pemba Dorje.

bonpo temple shop
You see me here at the shop of a Bönpo monastery buying amulets.

yantra chakra sungkhor amulets
The yantra amulets of the site (more than 100 varieties !)
Are now presented
on our online store.

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