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Buddhist Relics.

The standing Buddha.

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oldest image of the Buddha
The oldest known image of the Buddha is a standing Buddha on a coin from first century BC.

There are different types of standing Buddha, here are some of them.

standing buddha japan

- Standing Buddha with the right hand raised and the left hand along his body :
This posture is said to be the "pacification" posture,
it remind of an anecdote from the historical Buddha life..

One day, the familly of his father had a very violent altercation with his mother familly about how to divide the water of the Rohinee river to irrigate rice fields.
The Buddha managed to convince them that human life was more precious than mere water
avoided a violent fight and restored peace.

standing golden buddha

- Standing Buddha with his left hand raised and right arms along his body.
This posture remind of a story when, while the Buddha was gone from home since 3 month to visit his mother, King Pasentikosol (a faithfull devotee of the Buddha) got a sandalwood statue of the Buddha in meditation posture carved and kept it home to remember his beloved master.
When the Buddha came back, the King took him in his home to show him the beautiful statue.
But as soon as the Buddha entered, the statue stood up to come and pay hommage
to the Buddha, who then lifted his left hand to signal it to stay seated.

standing buddha

- Standing Buddha with both hands raised.
This posture remind of a miracle of the Buddha.
Once, while staying near the sea, the Buddha had a discussion with 3 hermits,
who pretended to know more and have more magical powers than the Buddha.

At this moment, the Buddha calmed down a storm by merely lifting his hands.
The Hermits and their 1000 followers were very impressed
and became disciples of the Buddha.

buddha teaching

- The standing Buddha, making the teaching mudra with both hands, one up and one down.
This image symbolise the fact that the Buddha offer his teachings
in many various way to help different type of persons.

Various remarquables standing Buddhas.

unusual standing buddha
This very unusual 4 arms "standing Buddha" is in Lopburi.
It is in fact an antique Hindu statue that was found incomplete underground
and then a Buddha head was later added...

bamiyan buddha
An old drawing of the famous Bamiyan standing Buddha before their destruction.

ayuthaya standing buddha statue
Antique standing Buddha statue in Ayuthaya.

wat intharam standing buddha
The great standing Buddha of Wat Intharam (Bangkok).

antique statue of the standing buddha in nepal
An antique stone statue of the standing Buddha
(holding a fan adorned with an image of Manjushri)
in a temple in Nepal.

standing avalokiteshvara statue
An antique carving of a standing Boddhisattva (Nepal).

standing buddha with crystal ball
A very unusual standing Buddha holding a crystal ball.

medal of the standing buddha on a garuda
A medal of Phra Harm Samot (monday's Buddha) on a Garuda.

standing buddha of phra pathom chedi
Standing Buddha of Phra Pathom Chedi.

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