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Buddhist Relics.
Vénérable Lersi Sompit.

See Venerable Lersi Sompit amulets.

lersi sompit
Ajarn Reusi Sompit Nyanasophi.

venerable lersi
This short biography of Venerable Lersi Sompit is courtesy of Yogi Tevijjo.

Ajarn Sompit was born in the Lopburi province of Thailand.  From a young age he expressed an interest in both Buddhism and the occult sciences.  As is tradition, he ordained as a novice monk when he was still a child.  Though he was not a novice for long he did get a chance to meet two lay people, a man and a woman, who took him as their student.  These two lay people were practicing the eight precepts and abstaining from eating any meat.  People who practice in this manner are known as nak phatibat.  They have knowledge of different sciences and practice meditation.  From these two teachers he learned various methods of saiysaht and putthamon. 

Even after disrobing as a novice he continued to learn from these two teachers.   After living as a novice he became a dek wat, or a temple boy.  This means he lived at the temple and helped the monks with various tasks.  He was also able to study with the monks and any other teachers that were willing to teach him there.

lersi sompit
Lersi Sompit as a youth.

Later at age 20, Ajahn Sompit ordained as a monk.  He was a monk for about 15 years. 
During this time he met with and was the student of many different and famous geji ajahn,
or meditation masters.  He learned all sorts of sciences such as astrology, fortune telling, incantations, etc.  He also went on tudong, for many years.  This is when a monk goes on foot to live in the forest, caves, mountains, etc.  At this time, Ajahn Sompit travelled throughout most of the country and also went to Burma, Laos and Cambodia. 
He was on a search for teachers and places to practice his mediation.

young lersi sompit as a monk
Lersi Sompit as a young Buddhist monk, practicing meditation in boiling oil !

While still on tudong, Ajahn Sompit met a Lersi named Lersi Puth. 
This Lersi was living on a mountain in the Pechabun province of Thailand. 
Ajahn Sompit stayed to study with this Lersi for some time.  Later, Ajahn Sompit decided to give up the life of a monk and ordain as a reusi.  For him, this path suited his practice better.  The life of a reusi was not governed by the rules of a monk.   The monk’s rules state that a monk is not allowed to grow, pick or make his own food.  He is dependent on lay people to offer him food daily.  As a reusi he was able to practice in the solitude of caves and mountains for many days, even weeks, without having to see another person.  Of course there were many other reasons which supported his decision to become a reusi. 
Ajahn Sompit ordained as a reusi at the age of 35 and has been a Lersi ever since. 

lersi sompit
Lersi Sompit during a pilgrimage at Wat LP Sothorn.

At the present time, Ajahn Sompit is over 50 years old and is currently located in Pathumthani.  As he was taught by his teacher, he now helps people from the general public with their various problems and ailments.  It is the job of a reusi, after many years of practice, to give back to the community and help those in need.  Ajahn Sompit does this by utilizing the knowledge he obtained through his years of study and practice both as a monk and a reusi.

Among some of the services he offers for people are :

- Sacred tattoos.
- Ceremonies and methods for treating bad karma.
- Meditation practice.
- Dhamma talks.
- Fortune telling.

He also helps with various ceremonies held around the country.  These include Master Day Ceremonies or Wai Kru, Suat Pan Yak, Suat Puttha Phisek, Making sacred herbal oil, Blessing amulets, etc.

Lersi Sompit live in town and goes only to the forest during his retreats, he is a maried man and does not live as an hermit, on the contrary he has a very active life and for example go regularly to Singapore to bless his local disciples and give teachings.
The amulets of Lersi Sompit are recognised as efficient and are the fruit of a long and patient work following precisely the instructions of the ancient tradition.

lersi sompit

groupe de Lersi
Rare image showing some of the few Lersi of our time. From left to right: Lersi Sutho
(from Nongkhaï), Lersi Sorot (from Kon-Khien), Lersi Warapot (from Ubon Ratchatani)
and Lersi Sompit, Lersi Mokala Kolat, Lersi KampeeTom (from Mahasalakhan)

lersi sompit and some lek lai
Lersi Sompit while blessing a big Lek Lai.

lersi sompit

Lersi sompit
On this picture Lersi Sompit is making a love-charm out of wax...

lersi sompit
Lersi Sompit is famous for his capacity to sit and meditate in a giant Wok full of boiling oil!

Another Thaï Master doing a similar demostration in boiling hot oil.

The Fire Yogi has performed this Fire Ritual for a total of 1000 days over the last 45 years. The Yogi, weighing a mere 94 pounds, has been able to survive on only two bananas
and a glass of milk with a few drops of water twice a day for the last 28 years.

Demonstration of invulnerability to boiling oil
Waï Kru 2010.

The following images are from Lersi Sompit Waï Kru in mai 2010. Lersi Sompit had the kindness to let me have a close look to all the ritual ingredients and to tolerate me inside the "Lersi circle" (a real great honor) so that i could be witness of this demonstration.

I can now say i m 100% convinced there is no trick involved at all in those demonstrations.

I had respect for Venerable Lersi Sompit before, but now to me he is super-human, no less.

The most amazing is that unlike anyone else would do after such an amazing demonstration, instead of going to have a shower and rest, right after walking out of the boiling hot oil he proceeded to give his benediction individually to every participant (there were hundreds of people present) until late at night!

Thanks to all the "Mr-I-know-all" to keep their bogus "scientific" explanations of this phenomenom, unless they are ready to make a public demonstration and stay seated for two hours un a cauldron of boiling hot oil and let me examine all their material like Lersi Sompit did.

lersi sompit
Lersi Sompit is tracing a protective pentacle in the cauldron with a candle.

pentacle thai
The pentacle.

lemongrass in ritual thailand
Some fresh lemongrass is placed at the bottom of the cauldron.

thai herbs used in lersi ritual
Then a mix of fresh medicinal herbs is added.

medicinal herbs used in thailand ritual
There are several layers of herbs, of various composition.

pentacles used in thai lersi ritual
Some Yant (Yant Kropech, Hanuman, Nâgas...) are added in a precise order.

herbs thai lersi
More medicinal herbs are added.

coconut oil used in thai lersi ritual
Then coconut oil is added, some oil from last year Waï Kru is also added.

ritual fire thailand lersi
Fire is lit, during the whole ritual the helpers of Lersi Sompit will add lots of very dry wood
and pour some oil on the fire to keep it very fierce.

lersi sompit in boiling hot oil
Lersi Sompit seated in boiling hot oil.

lersi sompit
Another view of Lersi Sompit in the cauldron.

boiling oil lersi ritual
Near view of the boiling hot oil
Here you can listen to the sound of the oil boiling and Lersi Sompit voice

Being a bit sceptic by nature, i was suspicious that the herbs had somehow lowered the boiling point of the oil. So to check i poured a spoon of this oil on my foot...
the result was a bad burn and Lersi Sompit smiling and winking at me...

lersi sompit
After two full hours here is a close up of Lersi Sompit face, he is sweating a lot but whould be dead and cooked by now. His clothe are almost falling to pieces because of the intense heat. Please notice the other Lersi at the back, he clearly has a hard time standing
the extreme heat even being over 3 meters form the fire !

lersi sompit fire ritual

lersi sompit
I had the leisure to examine the wok Lersi Sompit use for his demostrations
(he keeps it in his garden when not using it) and to speak with one of his disciples,
and it appear those demostration are 100% genuine.
Some medicinal plants are added to the oil to produce
a medicinal oil, but to my knoledge no "trick" is used by Lersi Sompit.

with lersi sompit
Lersi Sompit told me that his own Master was abble not only to sit and meditate in boiling hot oil but also to place in the oil a living fish, to live it there for a few minutes and to get the fish back later, unharmed and in good health!
Lersi Sompit told me he tried to do this but that the fish died. Lersi Sompit also told me his Master had the very special power to stop any car engine just with the strenght of his mind, once again he tried this and could not reproduce this power.

"My Master was very strong!" he said showing his picture on the wall...

lersi sompit
Your webmaster, with Venerable Lersi Sompit in 2017.

holy nam mon water
The Nam Mön holy water bowl of Vénérable Lersi Sompit. Please notice the numerous Holy stones and more specifically the Jin-Gang beads that are there to give invulnerability powers
to this Holy water.

chuchok amulet lersi sompit
Rare Chuchok amulet by Lersi Sompit, with on its back the...Kama-Sutra !

invulnerability miracle thailand
When i was visiting Lersi Sompit i saw many time Lersi Sompit bless a visitor with this water and then hit him several time with a sharp sword and then "cut his throath"
with the sword whitout producing any injury !

lersi sompit
Lersi Sompit blessing one last time the amulet i take for Magiedubouddha.com.

See Venerable Lersi Sompit amulets.

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