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Buddhist Relics
The Thai amulets of the Phra Pidta protective Buddha.

phra pidta amulet

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phra pidta protection buddha
The Phra Pidta amulet is an image of a Buddha closing its eyes
(Phra = Buddha Pid = Close Ta = eye).

It is mainly an amulet believed to "hide its wearer from danger",
buts its powers can vary a lot depending on the material that compose it
and also on its shapeand specific blessing / magic.

Since the magic of the Phra Pidta is designed to "hide" its wearer, it is not advisable
that anyone who need to be seen wear one. For example a seller,
or someone who go for a job interview,
or an actor really should avoid to wear a Phra Pidta when going to work.

The Phra Pidta amulet is one of the most famous and popular amulets in Thailand
and is also very popular in Malaysia, but it became avalaible
only around 1850and there are no "antique" Phra Pidta to be found.

3 wise monkey
Maybe the idea behind this "Buddha hiding its eyes" come originaly from the "3 wise monkey".

One of my customers told me that :

"Yes, Phra Pidta really hide one from danger, each time i wear it,
the people i dont want to see seem not to notice me (like if i was invisible),
or if i go to some place
where they usualy are...they are not there this day !
It is a very useful and gentle magic.

Here are a few examples of the many variations of the Phra Pidta amulets.

phra pidta amulet by luang phor foo
Classic Phra Pidta amulet made of sacred red powder
(by Venerable LP Foo of Wat Bang Samak).

white sacred powder phra pidta amulet

Sacred white powder Phra Pidta amulet.
Very crude specimen made by a forest monk.

phra pidta amulet
Black lacquer and gold leaf Phra Pidta amulet, protect from dangers and accident,
but also attract wealth.

alchemic thai amulet
Phra Pidta amulet made of Mekkapat alchemic alloy.
Protection against accidents, danger but also protect from black magic !

standing buddha phra pidta amulet
Another Phra Pitda made of Alchemical metal,
but this time it is an image of a standing Buddha.

phra pikanet alchemical phra pidta amulet
Yes one more alchemical amulet, but this time
it is an image of Phra Pikanet (Ganesh) hiding its eyes !

phra pidta of luang phor pae
Beautiful multicolor Phra Pidta Mahalap Pisek amulet by Most Venerable LP Pae.
This amulet being made of ashes of antique sacred texts, it is not only a protective amulet
but also an amulet that is good for memory and study.

south thailand phra pidta amulet
This Phra Pidta amulet is in the style found in the south of Thailand.
Often on this type of amulets, at the back is an Hindu deity such as Ganesh or Hanuman.

phra pidta with four arms

phra pidta mahahut

phra pidta mahahut
Some Phra Pidta amulets can have more than two harms,
here are examples with four and six harms,
but some amulets can show Phra Pidta with eight or more,
hiding various parts of his body (eyes, ears, private parts...).

Such multi-harms Phra Pidta are called Phra Pidta Mahahut and are invulnerability amulets.

A nice example of a 10 harms beads shaped Phra Pidta Mahahut amulet.

south thailand amulet phra pidta
Typical south Thailand style protective Phra Pidta amulet.

phra pidta of wat klang bang phra
Protective Buddha Phra Pidta on a Pa-Yant from Wat Klang Bang Phra
(temple of Most Venerable LP Puth).

phra pidta amulet of master luang phor tee
Some Phra Pidta amulets can be very stylised,
such as this one that look like a bunch of mushrooms
by Venerable LP Tee du Wat Hoo Chang.

silver phra pidta amulet
A nice classic silver color Phra Pidta amulet.

phra pidta wealth amulet
An unusual wealth fetching Phra Pidta amulet in the shape of a Nam Tao gourd.

boone carved phra pidta
A bone carved Phra Pidta amulet.

day of the week phra pidta
Set of Phra Pidta amulets of the 8 various colors corresponding to the days of the week
(+ one golden amulet in the middle).

giant phra pidta amulet
Giants Phra Pidta amulets (very unusual !)

phra pidta statue
Statue of a Phra Pidta Mahahut Buddha in Wat Neran Chararam.

A video where a Phra Pidta amulet (of Wat Phra Deng) stop a gun from working !  

A blessing ceremony for Phra Pidta amulets.  

phra pidta amulet

To see the Phra Pidta amulets avalaible at our online shop please click here.

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