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Buddhist Relics.

Thai Voodoo : the dark ritual of Mae Hong Prai.

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hong prai skull dark magic thailand
The worship of Mae Hong Praï is not widespread in Thailand and is nowadays
mainly found in the small villages of Issan and among some very rare Masters in magic
and old Buddhist monks. This practice is also known in Cambodia.

This dark cult is to keep the skull of a girl who died in an accident or suicide,
to practice on this skull a special ritual that " collects " the soul of the person in his skull
and places her in the service of the one who will then practice the worship
and the offerings to Mae Hong Praï.

This practice is derived from the popular Thai belief that a person who commit suicide
or a person who has died a violent death can not re-incarnate
under normal conditions and then becomes a ghost.

Mae Hong Prai amulet.
Mae Hong Prai amulet by Ajarn Thongkham Kongsatra.

relic stone skull mae hong prai.
An unusual Mae Hong Prai skull amulet carved from relic stone Hin Phratat.

Monkey skull of Mae Hong Prai.
Hong Praï made from a small monkey skull.
(Tenzin Pawo Collection)

Mae Hong Praï amulets also exist and are intended to protect their wearer
accidents and to give him charm. As for skulls, the few that are found today are either skulls
of accidentally dead monkeys (in which case the soul that inhabits them is of course a monkey soul) or resin skulls that have been animated with the soul of a dead girl
by a Master in white magic.
Hong Praï made from skulls of monkeys are mainly used to keep houses
but also in practices of spiritualism where the monkey is asked to "go and get"
the spirits of the dead with whom one want to communicate.

Thailand black magic skull mae hong prai.
Ancient Mae Hong Prai human skull.
(Thanks to Paola for this picture)

The person who keeps such a skull must make him every day offering of a glass of water
and a stick of incense and from time to time and offer him either fruit (for a monkey)
either make-up or perfume (for a girl). It should be noted that the practice of
Mae Hong Praï must never be in the same room as Khuman Thong.

Thai voodoo skulls.
Old Mae Hong Prai skulls, the one in the middle is in fact a mumified human head.

Thai voodoo skulls mae hong prai.
Two Mae Hong Prai skulls in an old shop altar in bangkok.

Thai amulet magic skull.
Not to be confused with a Hong Praï :
Thai Amulet of Hua Look Krogue by Venerable Lersi Sompit.

hong prai thai voodoo skull
A resin replica of a Hong Prai skull, painted with some erotic figures.

buffalo bones mae hong prai amulet.
A Hong Prai skull Thai amulet carved from water buffalo bone.

magic wax mae hong prai.
A Mae Hong Praï skull shaped pot countaining Kee Phung magic cream.

mae hong prai amulet
hong prai black magic skull thailand
hong prai medal
Rare Hong Prai medal !

hong prai amulets.

monkey skull kali altar
A monkey skull on an Hindu Altar of Godess Kali.

See the Mae Hong Prai amulets (+ other skull shaped amulets).

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