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Buddhist Relics.

Sacred Buddha footprints Phra Puthabat.

See the Phra Puthabat Thai amulets in our shop.

buddha footprint
Antique bronze Buddha Footprint (Thailand).

Across most of Asia, one can find mysterious sacred imprints, that are considered by tradition as "Buddha's Footprints". In some case they are clearly the result of a handmade carving or are work of art made of bronze, but some of them are "miraculous" and are said
to have appeared spontaneously after the Buddha (or another Master) walked there.

wat pichaya yathikaram
Some temples are showing several Phra Puthabat Buddha's Footprints,
like here in Wat Pichaya Yathikaram (Bangkok).

buddha footprint in laos
buddha footprint
Buddha's footprints on rought stone (Luang Prabang, Laos).

The sacred footprint of Adam's peak (Sri Lanka).

le pic d'adam
One of the most mysterious of those Buddha's Footprints is located at adam's pike in Sri Lanka.
This print is about 2 meters long, and is a pilgrimage place for devotee of different religions !

Muslims see there an imprint of Adams when he left paradise (they say he staid there for a 1000 years standing on one foot), Buddhist see a footprint of the historical Buddha,
and Hindu see a footprint of Shiva (or Vishnu according to another legend).
Some Christians also worship this place and see there a footprint of Saint Thomas
(according to legend he was the first to go take the word of the Christ to Ceylon).

This sacred footprint is mentionned in the writings of Marco Polo
and is one of the most famous and Holy in the world.

One antique Buddhist legend say that the footprint we can see nowaday is not the original one, but that it was carved on top of it, and that the real footprint is on a giant emerald stone
that is still hidden under.

bairo rinpoche
Most Venerable Bairo Rinpoché (1933-2017),
has in its youth produced miraculous footprints in stone.

Some story also say that His Holiness the XVIth Karmapa also produced miraculous prints in the rock (including a whole mandala that appeared after he simply hit a rock with his rosary!).

Guru Rinpoche sacred foot and hand prints.

In Nepal and Tibet, Guru Rinpche also left many sacred prints in rocks,
that can be still seen today in some remote caves.

guru rinpoche footprint
A footprint of Guru Rinpoche.

guru rinpoche handprint
guru rinpoche handprint
Guru Rinpoche sacred handprints.

buddha footprint in nepal
Sacred Buddha footprints in Nepal.

The "shoes of Guru Rinpoche" at Gimdi village (Nepal).

A Holy fountain, flowing through a Buddha's footprint (Thailand).

The sacred Buddha footprint at Wat Phra Puthachai.  

The miraculous Buddha shadow at Wat Phra Puthachai (Saraburi).  

Various Thai Venerable sacred hand & foot prints.

It is customary in Thailand for Masters to leave hands & foot prints
on various materials as relics for their disciples.

kruba srivichai sacred hand and foot prints
Sacred hand and foot prints of the Most Venerable Phra Kruba Srivichai.

luang phor hann handprints
Handprints (on clothe) of Most Venerable Luang Phor Hann.

footprints of luang phor kallong
Sacred footprints of Most Venerable Luang Phor Kallong.

foot print of luang phor doem
Sacred foot print of Most Venerable Luang Phor Doem of Wat Nongpo (Nakhon Sawan).

Many temples in Thailand are displaying Phra Puthabat sacred footprints,
here are a few photo from my travels.

Chinse buddha footprint.
A superb handcarved Phra Puthabat made of tin, in a Chinese temple of Bangkok.

phra puthabat wat satakian
A very curious Phra Puthabat in Wat Satakian (temple of Most Venerable LP Kui).

under water phra puthabat
An underwater Buddha footprint located at Phra Pathom Cheddi.
Devotee throw coins and make a wish, that is said to come true
if the coin land inside the footprint.

phra puthabat nongkhai
A Phra Puthabat print filled with yant on metal leaves.
Those leaves are later collected, then melted to make Buddha statues.

coins on phra puthabat
A local Thai tradition is to place a coin inside the Phra Puthabat,
if you can balance it on its side then you can make a wish !

 Phra Puthabat Thai amulets.

phra puthabat amulets

4 handprints of the buddha
footprint amulet of the buddha

luang phor thuat hand amulet
An amulet that has the shape of the "hands of Luang phor Thuat".

See the Phra Puthabat Thai amulets in our shop.

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