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Buddhist Relics.

The eight different Buddha postures of the days of the week.

See the Thai amulets of the Buddhas of the days of the week.

days of the week buddhas

In the countries where Theravada Buddhism is practiced, each day of the week
is linked to a specific posture of the Buddha. It is important to understand that
those are alway the same Buddha (Sakyamuni Buddha), but pictured in various postures
related to different important episodes of his life.
Following old time tradition, people pray for the Buddha of their day of birth
(you can calculate your day of birth here).

Note : There are actually 8 different Buddha postures, because wednesday
has two different Buddhas, one if you are born before mid-day and one after !

The Buddha postures of the days of the week.
(with their Thai names and associated colors.)

monday buddha phra  harm samot
Monday Buddha : Phra Harm Samot.
Standing Buddha with both hands extended in front of him doing the pacification mudra.
Color : Yellow.

tuesday buddha
Tuesday Buddha : Phra Sayiasna.
Reclining Buddha in Parinirvana posture.
Color : Pink.

wednesday morning buddha
Wednesday (morning) Buddha : Phra Om Baht.
Standing Buddha holding an alm bowl.
Color : Green.

wednesday buddha
Wednesday (afternoon) Buddha : Phra Pang Reerai.
This Buddha is pictured seated, with an elephant offering him sugar canne on the left
and a monkey offering honey on the right.

His left hand is open (to show his acceptation of the sugar canne)
and his right hand is closed (to show that he refuse the honey).

Color : Dark blue.

thursday buddha
Thursday Buddha : Phra Nung Samadhi.
Buddha seated in meditation posture.

friday buddha
Friday Buddha : Phra Rum Peung.
Standing Buddha with both hands crossed on his chest.

Color : Light blue.

saturday buddha
Saturday Buddha : Phra Naphrok.
Buddha seated under the King of Nagas.
Color : Purple.

sunday buddha
Sunday Buddha : Phra Tawai Neth.
Standing Buddha with hands crossed.
Color : Red.

On this video of Wat Raiking, the Buddhas of the day of the week altar can be clearly seen.  

horoscope machines thailand
Horoscope machines of the Buddhas of the days of the week.

thai temple candles
Candles and incense with the various colors of the Buddhas
of the days of the week in a Thai temple.

See the Thai amulets of the Buddhas of the days of the week.

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