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Thai amulets : Bia Gae amulets (Bia Geow).

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bia gae amulet
The Bia Gae amulets are mainly designed to protect their wearer against malefic spirits
and ghosts, but they can sometime be designed to protect against other type of dangers
(i have seen old ones that protected from elephants attacks !)

Such amulets are usualy made of a cowry shell, filled with quicksilver
and various magical substances and sometime takut.
Then the shell is surrounded with sacred string, or lacquer, or metal, to make it waterproof
so that the mercury and relics cant escape.

There are nowaday few Masters who really know how to make such amulets,
and the sad replicas often seen countain only some little stones
(i know...i opened quite a few myself).

luang phor jurrah
One of the most famous Masters who was competent at making Bia Gae amulet
was the Most Venerable Luang Phor Djua of Wat Klang Bang Keow.
He was a student of Most Venerable LP Boon and very well versed in the magic art
of making efficient Bia Gae amulets.

luang phor hong
Another Master who was famous for his Bia Gae amulets :
Most Venerable Luang Phor Hong Promapanyo.

bia geow lersi
This type of rare sacred stones is called a Bia Gae Lersi, it come from some caves of the Chiang Rai area and countain some sort of colored sand (that can be white, red or yellow) and is considered a very powerful protection against malefic entities and black magic.
Such as sacred stone is to be kept on your altar and never worn as an amulet.

dragon bia gae
yant kropetch bia gae
A very nice big Bia Gae by Venerable Ajarn Song, with on one side a dragon
and on the other the Yant Kropetch !

bia gae phra rahu amulet
A beautifull handpainted Bia Gae amulet, with a mask of Phra Rahu.

bi gae amulet by luang phor sawai
A Bia Gae Seuar amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Sawai of Wat Pidharam.

alchemic bia gae amulet
Sometime, a Bia Gae amulet can have the tradtionnal round shape of a shell,
but be made of another material. Here we can see an unusual Bia Gae made of alchemic metal,
with inside a takut and some sacred wax.

bia gae amulet of luang phor tiang
A nice old style Bia Gae amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Tiang.

bia gae amulet by luang phor jurrah
A nice small Bia Gae amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Jurrah.

unusual bia gae thai amulet
A very unusual ancient Bia Gae amulet made of lead and sacred wood.

sian lersi bia gae
An unusual Sian Lersi Bia Gae amulet, made of sacred plants and shape as a Lersi Mask,
with inside a shell filled with magical materials.

It can sometime happen to find some Bia Gae amulets made from another shell
than a cowry shell, like the one you see here pictured.
As long as the content and rituals have been made properly, such an amulet
will have the same powers than one made with a cowry shell.

giant bia gae amulet
A giant Bia Gae amulet covered of mother of pearl and lacquer.

giant bia gae amulet
A giant Bia Gae amulet made of carved stone, sacred sai sin cords and black lacquer.
Such a BIG amulet (500 grams !) is of course not designed to be worn
but to be a protection for a house.

fake bia gae amulets
Some fake Bia Gae amulets (this is the most common type of fake ones).

See the Bia Gae amulets on our shop.

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