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Buddhist Relics.

Most powerful amulets of Thailand and Tibet.

After almost 30 years of experience in the practice of Esoteric Buddhism,
I noticed that some sacred objects and amulets produce surprising effects
let say "more regularly than others"

Since many visitors of Magiedubouddha.com ask me questions like
"What are the most powerful amulets ?",

and that I can not choose for you, I thought to make one page about the amulets
which in my opinion are proven to be the most efficient
(+ some customers testimonials about them
when it's possible).

Thank you for understanding that the fact that an amulet is not on this page
does not mean that it does not work, far from it ...

Simply here I will present the "star" amulets about which
I had the most feedback and experiences since opening the site in 2003.

wen phirod meditation ring by luang phor dooh
- The Wen Philot meditation ring of Venerable Luang Phor Dooh (1904 - 1990).

Without a doubt, this ring is THE magic object on which
I had the most returns, all positive !

Whether in its golden brass or alchemical copper version,
this ring is by far the amulet that seems to bring the most to those who wear it,
meditating regularly with this ring being the condition to see her show her real potential.

In addition to being a great help in the practice of meditation, this ring is able to warn you
in case of danger by starting to heat up physically.

(the phenomenon is very clear and does not leave room for skepticism or imagination)
or even in urgent cases it can give small electric shocks.
Other phenomena sometimes appear around this ring,
but they are more rare and random.

It is certainly not by random that I have often seen this ring
at the finger of many Masters in Thailand.

The temple of Venerable LP Dooh still produces this ring following to the letter
rituals inherited from LP Dooh, it is still possible for me to get it
in all standard sizes.

You will find it on the online store with basket in both versions :
- Golden brass color.
- Alchemic copper Thong Deng.

Recent customer testimonials regarding this ring :

Testimonial 1: News of the ring blessed by the venerable LP Dooh that you sent me.
She found her finger, the middle finger of her left hand, after having traveled a little from one hand to the other.
But most importantly, I very quickly (24 hours) felt a great peace
and equality of mood that have not left me since.
I am surprised to discover this state
that I do not explain otherwise, although I am not usually a very upset person.

In addition, I feel a great desire
to practice meditation, naturally, without the will being there for anything. So, thank you again.
C .....

Testimonial 2: The meditation ring is permanently on my finger, even during some care, especially in Reiki and Shiatsu.
Sometimes she actually burns and almost cuts off my index finger.

It happens at times when I feel the touched patient in what is most intimate
and sometimes very difficult.
It is amazing and wonderful.
Dominique Errard

Testimonial 3: The ring of power and meditation Wen Phi-Lot by Venerable LP Dooh offers me a real serenity. I was severely depressed a few years ago:
medical treatment of more than one year and psychotherapy.
Since this major depressive state, I had two relapses each year, in the fall and in the spring
and so was used to taking antidepressants during these times. I bought this ring this summer. We are in autumn and I always feel very serene and in the same mood.
I have no treatment and feel very good. David D

Testimonial 4: I want to thank you, and bring you the proof, yes the proof, that the
power ring of the venerable LP DOOH works.
We went for a walk with my friends, and arrived at a dolmen, we had to disturb a presence. the ring started to burn me and send electricity, a bit like putting your fingers in an outlet (I have already tested), but still less violent.
We immediately backed up, and a friend, had the good idea to photograph
the finger in question. The ring is hidden by the parka, it was cold.
We did not see anything with the naked eye,

but look a little this luminous filament !!!

Testimonial 5: Hello Dear Webmaster of Magiedubouddha.com :)

I wanted to thank you in my name and that of my companion for the quality of the items you sold us. I offered her the ring of LP Dooh that warms up at the approach of a danger and she was able to verify the effectiveness. My companion was surprised to see that the danger that the ring showed was not limited to an immediate physical danger, but to all that was harmful.
For me, the ring blessed by Luang Phor Kallong gives me a pleasant feeling of self-confidence and appeasement. I did not have the opportunity to test the quasi-invulnerability provided by the ring on the other hand.
We do not regret our purchases at home and we wanted to thank you, again, for these objects.

Testimonial 6: The LP Dooh meditation ring actually increases the energy level of its wearer: moreover, as soon as you slip it on your finger, you feel that the ring "activates", the feet and hands are to heat for a little while, and we feel "boosted".
This energy increase is maintained throughout the day: I have to remove the ring for the night so as not to risk insomnia under the effect of over-energy ...
At home (who had wanted the ring to play the role of a spiritual advisor), she reacts to negative thoughts (doubt, etc.) by arousing in the hand that wears mild pains - rheumatism type, a sensation of dull pain , "in the bones". Sometimes she warns me by such a mini-pain that a project I am thinking of, for example, must be abandoned or at least re-envisioned from another perspective.
It is obviously a great help for meditation, it is particularly valuable for achieving mental calm. On the other hand, it does not encourage the phenomena of clairvoyance, telepathy, etc., which it seems to consider as obstacles to meditative practice and tends to short-circuit. (nb: the opinion of this person is his own and I received many testimonials saying instead that this ring helps devellopement of paranormal faculties ) I do not know how it reacts to the danger; I never had to approach this one closely enough!

Testimonial 7: The meditation ring is definitely one of the best buy of my life!
my posture is better. I took zazen again. I went back to all sorts of meditative, magical and other activities ... I am more "efficient", more "wise" and more "lucid" in these fields
and I had very nice encounters since I wear it (amma, jacques vines and some Indian masters ...) In short, everything is probably not due to the ring but I see a precious help and really active

Testimonial 8: First I want to thank you for my last order which I am satisfied. The Wen Phi-Lot Power Ring is extraordinary. She heated 2 times when I returned to a negatively charged place. Being, in other, Master Teacher in Reiki, during the care that I give, it heats the finger where I wear it when my hand is on a painful area, or if a chakra is imbalanced in energy ... it comes to confirm me what I already feel.

Testimonial 9: I received the Wen Phi-Lot Rings of Power and Meditation at the Temple of the Most Venerable LP Dooh and I thank you for that.
Ten days ago I wear it without having noticed anything particular.
I was pretty disappointed. I felt more or less heat or tingling that can be attributed to a reaction against mild oxidation on the skin. But nothing particularly disturbing.

Yesterday I fork my scooter (which I had already happened with the ring) without feeling anything particular. Immediately I feel a pretty strong irritation like an inflammation. I think that tightening the handle increases the contact (the ring is not very tight). But quickly the discomfort becomes very sensitive. I stop on the way. The skin seemed a little touched. I put this on the account of a reaction a little allergic to metal. But I tell myself that you have to open your eyes.
I keep my right and I reduce the speed that I always hover. I tell myself that maybe it means something. I'm still 2 km and leads up a turn in a descent.
I arrive at mid-coast and I see a car wide enough double reverse and I see it rush on me.

I still squeeze + right down the slope and the driver is close to me, I still wonder how I went: 5 cm more and he sent me in the background.
If it's a coincidence, it's impressive. The region is furrowed by crazy people. The other road that passes by a pass is haunted by crazies. We ended up planting plastic cocks in turns. So I take the other route which is narrower,
it is the first time in 9 years that I am confronted with such a situation. I wonder how I was not scared ... Yesterday during the rest of the evening I felt the ring warm and tingling,
it must have been a bad day. Today she has calmed down.
In short, if you want to use my testimony make it anonymous.

phra khunpen by luang phor tcheun
The charm amulet Phra Khunpen Ungnang ( Run Rapsap )
by the Most Venerable LP Tcheun Tikayano of Wat Tahee (Buriram)

Charming amulet for men that seems to work very well for my clients.
(NB: activation prayer is quite long)

This series was produced in 2012 and is exhausted at the temple, I still have a small stock
but do not think you can find a lot, if you want one do not delay too much.

You will (sometime) find it on this page of our online store.

Testimonials about this amulet :

Testimonial 1: I ordered a few weeks ago a Phra Kunpen Ungang amulet by the Tres Venerable LP Tcheun Tikayano, and if in photos I found these amulets
of a "naive art" style, taking one in his hand, looking at it "deeply",
(one can not help but watch it very closely
and in detail)
provides a beneficial effect not at all naive and especially not trivial.

I felt a liberation of Being at the level of the plexus, a destress,
in fact Happiness, a desire to breathe deeply ....

As for meetings, I put it once to go see the pharmacist,
The object of my desire, she was absent, but her colleague, who served me, had huge, tender eyes and a blush on her cheeks, in short she was very moved to see me.
The pharmacist who is a friend came to talk to me,
so I did not enjoy all these emotions ...
this is only a postponement.

Testimonial 2: So, to summarize, when ordering the amulet
(1 1/2 or 2 years ago), I was single for 4 or 5 years. I could not seduce,
to attract, maybe because my previous break had washed me out and I could not get over it. I then ordered (completely random) the amulet Phra Khunpen Ungnang (Run Rapsap) by the Very Venerable LP Tcheun Tikayano. The postman went on the noon beat, I put the amulet, did the prayer without really believing it. The same evening, I had an appointment to say "very very hot" with a girl I met a few days before, but that gave me no look at that time. While I was single for 5 years, this girl gives me a call and said to me immediately I want to ...!
Then, after that, everything was loose, the contacts became easy, the girls too ... one, then two, then three, etc ... So much so that I ended up having a little fear of using this amulet.
A friend-whom I had put in my confidence-was equally astounded to see such a change.
Since then, I rarely use this amulet, but I keep it preciously!
With hindsight, I realized that this amulet had made me change my behavior, my attitude, my look on women too. Following all these encounters that fell from the sky,
I really realized that the main thing was not unbridled sexuality (whereas I based a relationship only on sex until then). Here. We can say that this amulet will have brought me the double effect kiss cool in a very short time ; o)

Testimonial 3: I bought you last month a Amulet Phra Khunpen Ungnang amulet
by the Most Venerable LP Tcheun Tikayano of Wat Tahee (Buriram).
I wanted to thank you for the great care you take in your shipments and their speed.
I did not believe it and yet this amulet really works (besides it also takes a golden hue, like very fine glitter of gold color which are deposited on the surface of spontaneous way, every day little more), for me c is really something incredible,
I who do not believe in witchcraft or magic (although without lying to you,
I bought it to see you ... anyway) and that is no hooked atoms
with Thai culture and Asian culture in particular.

palat kick luang phor sawai
The Palat Kick "Tiger" Man's Charm Amulet of the Venerable Luang Phor Sawai.
This charming amulet for men is simply LEGENDARY in Thailand !

I have received many testimonials from enthusiastic male clients about her,
but most did not want me to share them and the others were ...
a little too "hot" to be put on magiedubouddha.com

Although the Most Venerable LP Sawai left us in the year 2000,
I still happen to be able to propose some of his Palat Kick,
but their price is high because of their fame in Thailand.

See on this picture the prices practiced on the spot around 2009
in a specialized magazine, and tell you well that in 10 years they have ... increased !

You will find (sometimes) these amulets on this page of the online store.

I am putting here the translation of an article of the Thai press specialized in amulets
concerning this unusual amulet :

"When we read the different magazines dedicated to Buddhist amulets,
it is sometimes irritating to always read the same stories of people "protected from an accident",
"who were shot at close range but not bad" or "who won the lottery". That's why I decided tonight to write my experience in relation
with my Palat Kick of Most Venerable LP Sawai. "

"I have been collecting objects related to the Dharma for almost two years, mostly Thai amulets but also various objects blessed by Tibetan Masters and sacred pills."

"I was very lucky to meet some of the disciples of Venerable LP Sawaï
and to learn more about his life, his teachings and the miraculous powers of his amulets.
Through these people I have been able to obtain many authentic amulets from this Master. "

"LP Sawaï was very strict about making Palat Kick, and nowadays on the market
we can still find some Palat Kick made by him,
or more often done by his followers and blessed by LP Sawaï.

When it comes to charm, LP Sawaï's Palat Kick is ... amazing ! "

"I wear only one LP Sawai Palat Kick, at first I wore it in the pocket of my shirt,
then one of LP Sawaï's followers told me that the correct way to wear it was in the pocket
pants, which I do now. I do not wear this amulet any more than on weekends, when I go out to have fun, you will quickly understand why ... "

"As soon as I started wearing this amulet, many strangers began to come
talk to me, for example to ask me their way. In public transport an abnormal number of women began to sit next to me (even when there were many free places ...) and for some to pretend to fall asleep to place their head .. on my shoulder. Some women touching me more or less "involuntarily" in the subway.
And when women spoke to me they had a look, but a look ...

"Then my mother and her friends started wanting to marry me (with their daughters ...),
but it did not really work, not that these ladies did not want me,
rather the opposite! However, I was able to spend many nice evenings. "

"Then one day I accompanied my young cousin to the cinema (to see Kung Fu Panda)
and she literally jumped on me in the elevator ... since she was only 17 years old
I made him swear never to do it again and to tell no one about it! "

"The next day it is at the bank that the lady of the wicket (a mature but attractive woman)
slipped me his phone number in addition to my money! "

"The adventures I have had are too numerous to tell here,
and for some way too strange / unbelievable for me to tell them. "

"One of my friends (a teacher, to whom I sold 2 Palat Kick LP Sawai) saw his office being brutally filled with students who came to see him under various apologies, or came to bring him coffee, cakes ...
This friend even ended up criticizing me for having sold him these amulets,
complaining that a lot of the girls who came to see him were "not his style" !!! "

"One day I showed my LP Sawaï's Palat Kick to an amulet expert,
his only comment at the time of making it to me was "Pervers Go!"
(with a big smile and a wink!) "

"It was reported to me that LP Sawaï would have said that people
who would wear his Palat Kick

would never be alone or sad, but never rich either,
and in my case it's true, the outings with damsels cost
still expensive in the long run, but I do not complain ! "

spell bead anti black magic amulet
The sacred ball Look Sakot (spell bead) in alchmic metal Mekkapat.

This talisman against black magic is one of the most requested amulets of my site
for 15 years, the customer feedback is very numerous and enthusiastic.

This ball is used to protect the wearer against spells / black magic.

Look Sakot amulets are considered by tradition as living
and able to "eat" the bad spells and feed on them, over time
they take more and more strength and often end up growing physically.

If you are looking for protection against black magic, do not hesitate,
this amulet is undoubtedly the best in terms of quality-price ratio.

I get these amulets directly from the alchemist who designs them in Bangkok
and can therefore offer them permanently at a fairly low price.

You will find them on the online store (there are several variations to be seen here).

Testimonials about this amulet :

Testimonial # 1: The Very Venerable LP Dooh's ring really allows me to be incredibly focused during meditation and to feel no discomfort with the posture, even for longer meditations. (In my Zen sangha, you do not have the right to move at all during meditation, which usually becomes painful after 40 minutes.) It has also started to warm up unexpectedly for a short time, but that is is stopped fast enough -
On the other hand the sakot look gained weight (I had weighed on arrival). I also noticed that the sakot look does not only absorb the spells that come from outside, but also my own "spells", that is to say my thoughts of anger directed against others.
That will improve my Karma.
An absorber of anger is really what I missed to finally become a good Buddhist!
Joking aside, I'm really happy to have made these purchases at home. CJ

Testimonial N ° 2: I had the pleasure of ordering this marble and I was eager to receive it.
As soon as I wore it around my neck, I felt sucked in from inside.
It is as if she was trying to be one with me. Then, slowly, some things resurface: memories, blockages, the past, obstacles ...
This ball makes it possible to anchor oneself in the reality and to face certain painful stages.
That's how I felt and lived. We feel that she is very powerful very quickly.
It makes it possible to gently extract all the deep and striking pains of everyday life and then to seal them after having confronted them with great clairvoyance.
Everything becomes fluid and limpid.

Testimonial N ° 3: Work already very interesting with the ball LOOK SAKOT,
I admit to having been pleasantly surprised. She really eats the sickly!
I could see the net decrease of a chronic problem in my body
in just two days!
And I did not expect it at all! Thank you.

phra gribua amulette thai de santé
Wat Wang Kanai Phra Gribua health amulet.

If you want to get an amulet for good health, this is the one you need.

Many of my clients have told me about their positive experiences
with this amulet of health, but given the laws in our beautiful country of freedoms,
it's just impossible for me to share their experiences without risking
to find myself in court for "therapeutic claims".

This series of amulets is made of an alloy of alchemical metals
having an appearance close to tin
and was left for 7 years in the warm waters of the healing fountain
who makes Wat Wang-kanai famous
(see photo, this source is famous for the healings obtained,
the temple even exposes an article from the Japanese press about it !)
which gives it that characteristic corroded appearance and gives it its medicinal properties.

wat wang kanai fountain
When i go to Wat Wang Kanai, i alway enjoy a bath
in the Holy thermal water of sacred fountain.

The temple has been producing these amulets for decades,
so that people who can not move there
can still enjoy the special virtues of its source "miraculous".

We can for example heat this amulet in water
and then place it on a painful area,
or boil water with the amulet and use it as a foot bath.

A complete manual is provided with the amulet.

This amulet is available at a deliberately tight price in our online store.

Amulette des 4 mantra reliques du dharmakaya
The amulet of the 4 relic mantra of Dharmakaya.
Exclusive to Magiedubouddha.com.

If there is ONE amulet that is powerful, inexpensive and multi-purpose
that I recommend to any Buddhist practitioner, it is this one !

zopa rinpoché
Most Venerable Lama Zopa Rinpoche says of these mantras :
"The 4 mantra relics of Dharmakaya are the main mantra
that give power to sacred objects and allow
to beings to purify their Karma and to accumulate merits.
They are like thousand nuclear bombs to purify the negative Karma "

The ancient Tibetan tradition ensures that:

- If we place these Mantra in a sacred object (statue, stupa ...)
the Deva will come to worship them 3 times a day
and bless their presence with the places where this object is placed.

- If we place these Mantra in a bell, the simple sound of this bell will purify the Karma of the beings who will hear it
and protect them from any future incarnation in the lower 3 states
(hell, world of Pretta and animal world).

- If we place these Mantra in a Stupa the simple act of doing ONCE
the turn of this Stupa will protect you from any incarnation
in the 8 hot hells.

- If we just touch once these Mantra
we are protected from all rebirth in the lower 3 states.

- All our wishes will become reality if we just wear these Mantra .

- The simple fact of touching once these Mantra to an animal ensures
that he will be reborn in a human body at his next incarnation.
The mere shadow of these Mantra suffices to have the same effect on the insects, the water having touched the reliquary where these Mantra are placed.
to the same effect on fish

- If we regularly touch animals in this way we accumulate a lot of positive Karma and we are protected from any misfortune.

This amulet is therefore a powerful multi-use tool for Dharma practitioners
who wish to do good around them by magical means.

It can be used for example for:

- dedicate water that will be used to bless / purify objects or animals

- hang it in front of a hive to give the bees a positive Karma
when they pass under

- Use it as a swing in a bell (or attach it to a chime)
to release the beings by the sound produced.

This exceptional amulet is available at a low price on our online store.

yant kropetch
The Yant Kropetch (also called the Diamond Armor)
is THE most powerful yant diagram of the Thai magical tradition.

It was discovered in 1915 by Most Venerable Luang Phor Parn carved on a silver plate
inside an antique Stupa at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat (Suphanburi)

The original metal plate also said that :
"The one who will chant this Khata daily will have his body covered
by the diamond armor that protect from all dangers.
Spells wont harm him and will be returned to the one who cast them
because they will be reflected on the diamond armor"

Another name for this amulet is the "8 directions shield"

This amulet is offered on Magiedubouddha.com, at a volontarily reduced price
(so that as many people as possible can benefit from this extraordinary magic)

- Wat Ratchanadaram Yant Kropetch amulet.

- High quality Wat Barn Nomkho Yant Kropetch amulet.

lohid ring

When speaking about exceptionnal amulets and magical items,
it is impossible not to mention the magical Lohid rings.

Weither we speak about an ancient "Pure Lohid ring" or of a more modern "Lohid alloy ring",
they are just extraordinary, and not only for the miraculous way they have to change color when they are worn (from very dark to gold color !).
The testimony of customers are alway very positive, be it as a protection or as a meditation tool or to help with spiritual healing.
The selection of Lohid rings i can offer is alway limited to a few pieces at best :

- Pure Lohid rings by Most Venerable Luang Phor See.

- Lohid alloy rings from Wat Sakai (from 1980's).

look sakot of wat raikhing
The extraordinary 10.000 yant Look Sakot bead by Venerable Luang Phor Deng.

The Venerable LP Deng has for two years engraved a total of 10.000
on various sacred and alchemical metals, then to melt them
during a ceremony and use the metal so charged
to cast these protective pearls Look Sakot.
The engraved ones had a very wide range of powers:
fortune, charm, prestige, protection ...
What makes this amulet alone
the powers of 10.000 Yant, which is very exceptional.
It can be considered that this sacred pearl contains, alone,
the essence of Thailand's magical tradition.

black magic spell effect

One of our customers , alas victim of attacks of black magic, was kind enough to send me
these pictures, where we see that a steel needle
materialized on his amulet Look Sakot 10.000 yant !

Some hexes are known to make steel needles appear in the bodies of their victims,
and it seems that in this case the amulet has managed to divert the spell
and protect the wearer.

It is very exceptionnal to see such a physical proof of the magical effects of an amulet.

black magic needle
UPDATE (august 2019).
Another customer discovered a steel needle on his 10.000 yant Look Sakot !

The 10.000 Yant Look Sakot is avalaible on our shop.

look sawat amulet.

The most versatile amulet of our shop if you are on a budget :
The bead amulet Look Sawat Nam Wan Dok Thong.

This powerful amulet was blessed in april 2020 during a large ceremony
in Wat Ratchanadaram (Bangkok).
A vast gathering of famous Buddhist Masters came to ask the Buddha for his blessing
to protect the faithful against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Those Look Sawat amulets also received some charm blessings
(Métta Mahaniyom, Maharak et Mahasané)
and wealth blessings (Mahathong).

So this is a very versatile amulet good for health wealth, love and charisma at the same time !

Testimonial 1 : I purchased two of those amulets, one for me and one for my wife,
we now feel safe with the beautiful blessing of those amulets.

Testimonial 2 : Amazing to find a powerful and genuine amulet for such a low price !
Thank you to offer in your shop items like this and not the ugly "Made in China" junk
we see everywhere !

The Look Sawat Nam Wan Dok Thong amulet is avalaible in our online shop.
(Less than 10 euro !)

Mae nang kwak wealth amulet of luang phor suang.
The very rare and famous Mae Nang Kwak Palat Kick amulet by Most Venerable Luang Phor Suang.
This amulet is by far the most efficient wealth amulet in both my experience
and from what i hear back from customers.
Doing regularly its little offering ritual seem to really attract prosperity.
This rare amulet is avalaible in the shop of Magiedubouddha.com.

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