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How to order?
Buddhist Relics
Welcome to Magiedubouddha.com.

dorje flamme

Our new multi-languages online shop is here.

Please note that so far the automated online shop
show only about 20% of all the amulets on offer on Magiedubouddha.com.

Everything else is still here so please explore !

The purpose of this website is to inform you to the esoteric aspects of Tantric and Theravadin Buddhism, and to offer a large selection of Tibetan and Thai magical objects. 

If you have any question please dont be shy to Email me

Even if i did not (yet) make a complete english version of my website,
english speaking customers are most welcome.

The utmost attention is given to the ethic aspect of the items i offer, throught your purchases you help many people in Asia to have a better life by having an honest work.

When renting amulets from Magiedubouddha.com you know for a fact
that you will NOT get fake amulets.
I have a worldwide reputation of seriousness since over 15 years
and treat my customers with respect and care.

I also have a deep understanding of how Magic work
and decades of study and practice of Dharma behind me,
all this knowledge being at the service of my customers.

The answers to your questions will be detailled and in a language you can understand.
(in other word, no "This Buddha very good for lucky" answers
and also no answer full of Pali / Tibetan nonsense only designed to impress people)

I am not a large scale operation : Magiedubouddha.com is a one-man business.

I select myself during my trips each item i offer here,
each type of item are very limited in number
and more often than not, one of a kind.

I wish you enjoyment of this humble website.

Kunzang Namdjial

You can now follow my trips and the news of Magiedubouddha.com
on Facebook and Instagram !

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