Welcome to the online shop of Magiedubouddha.com
where you will discover a vast selection of genuine magical items from Tibet & Thailand.

The diversity of amulets offered here is the fruit of 15 years
"on the road" in Thailand, Nepal, Laos & Cambodia.

You can follow my trips on our facebook page where i share thousands of pictures & videos.

Thank you to understand that Magiedubouddha.com exist since 2003,
but that the "online shop" opened only in 2018

Transition between the old system of "order by Email"
and the new modern "automated basket" system will take time.

One simply cant move 10.000 different items from one system to the other in a few weeks.

If you encounter any problem or bug, please inform me (info@magiedubouddha.com)

Thank you for your patience and understanding.