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The Stupa (Tibetan : Chörten, Thaï : Chedi)

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bodnath stupa
The most famous Stupa in the world, in Bodnath (Nepal)

bodnath stupa at night
Same Stupa under the moonlight

The Stupa of Borobudur (Indonesia)

The Stupa find its origin on cairns & tumulus and was at the origin nothing more
than a pile of rocks inside wich some time a relic was placed.

dying buddha
Ancient tradition say that after the Buddha Sakyamouni Parinirvana ,
its remains were shared between the 8 kings that came to pay hommage :

- Ajâtashatru
(King of Magadha),
- Lichchavî of Vaishâlî,
- Shâkya of Kapilavastu,
- Buli from Allakappa,
- Koliya of Ramagama,
- the Brahmins of Vethadipa,
- Malla of Pâvâ
- Malla from Kusinâgar

Some relics were also given to the King of Nâgas

Those are the relics that were placed in the first Buddhist Stupa

People circumnabulating the Stupa of the Golden mountain temple
(Wat Po Kao Thong, Bangkok)
for Maka Bucha Day 2009  

ladhak chorten
A Laddhaki Stupa

But not all Stupas countain relics, Stupas are classified in 4 main categories
depending on their nature:

* les Dhâtu-chaitya countain physical relics
* les Paribhoga-chaityacountain objects that belonged to the Buddha
* les Dharma-chaitya expose the teaching of the Buddha
* les Uddeshika-chaitya are commemorating the Buddha Parinirvana

An unusual stupa on a boat (Wat Yannawa, Bangkok)

chedi in sukhothai
Cheddi in Sukhothaï

The selection of Stupas i offer is composed of pieces of good quality made of noble materials (glass, sandal wood, brass, stones...), as much as possible i also tried to offer Stupas handmade by artisans instead of industrialy made Stupas.

thai handcraft stupa
This Thai woodturner is the man who make all wood Stupas offered on Magiedubouddha.com

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