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The Alchemic amulets from Thailand : mekkapat, lohid & others

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alchemic amulet
Mekkapat amulet by LP Sawaï
(from the webmaster's private collection)

Mekkapat is a protective alchemical alloy used in the creation of different Thai amulets.
Very few Venerable ones still master the technique of compounding this alloy
and so amulets made of it are rare and costly.

alchemic amulets making
During the fabrication of Phra Kling amulets at the Temple Wat Intharam (Bangkok)
sulphur vapors may be seen arising from one of the crucibles.

alchemic amulets making team
Before beginning their handling of mekkapat the team of specialists receive
the monk's blessing to avert all mischance.

oven to cast alchemic metal
The ovens and crucibles are blessed too.

thai amulets casting
The sundry components and melting metals are handled with great care.

venerable thai monk
The Most Venerable Phra Wee Sutha Thibudee, of the Golden Mountain Temple,
starts the amulet producing flow using a very long ladle.

The basic ingredients of mekkapat are: copper, lead, sulphur, mercury, diverse herbs and sacred oils. Each master has his own personal formula and therefore bring forth alloys
of slightly different colorings.

There also exists another magical alloy, Mekkassil (or, Mekkasit) with similar properties. Greenish in color, it turns a true green when placed in water. It is easily fractured - never drop a mekkasil amulet or you will see it break! One of the differences between these two alloys is that mekkassil contains less sulphur than mekkapat.

pi xiu
Mekkapat Pi Xiu amulet

hanuman alchemic amulet
Mekkapat Hanuman amulet by the venerable LP Men of the Wat Nathan Nok
(webmaster's private collection)

alchemic luang phor toh statue
Mekkapat statue of LP Toh
(collection Bouddhisme Esoterique)

The act of wearing an amulet made of one of these two alloys renders the wearer unwoundable, just as does wearing lek lai, for a lesser cost and a simpler process
(lek lai is very expensive and hard to find).

lek lai and mekkapat
A lek lai lingam, along with a mekkapat lingam
it is difficult for the novice to see the difference
(webmaster's private collection)

spell bead thai amulet
Look Sakot spell bead
(webmaster's private collection)

Certain kinds of mekkapat are used in talismans to avert evil spells. They are found in the form of luok sakot marbles. If one is the target of such a spell, and one is wearing one of these marbles, the piece will "eat" the spell, and in the eating will increase its strength, increasing its efficacy! With the passing of time, the luok sakot will increase in size and heft,
to the point sometimes of breaking through its locket!

alchemic ring - lohid metal

Alchemical Lohid ring by LP See (from the Esoteric Buddhism collection - where the color changes of this ring over a 15-day period is documented)

lohid ring
Lohid ring completely empowered and having taken on a handsome golden hue.

There is yet a third alchemical metal, Lohid, created by certain Thai masters until the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately method of making it has been lost. The act of wearing a lohid ring or amulet leads to the formation of a protective aura around one's body (actually, the natural aura, which is already there - it is greatly fortified by lohid). Wearing a lohid piece first of all invigorates the body of the wearer, so don't be surprised if you feel a faint fatigue, or an increase in appetite, if you wear such a talisman. Once empowered, lohid becomes as shiny as gold and, to my knowledge, is the only metal in this world that tarnishes if one does not wear it but rapidly takes on a shine when in contact with the human body. Lohid amulets and rings are, however, rare and much sought after.

lohid rings
Comparison between a ring of Lohid that has not been worned for a long time
and a fully charged ring

tit moine rigolot
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